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Neighbors Catherine J Ph.D.

Posted on: 5/16/2010

Worst of the lot

Catherine Neighbors is the worst child psychologist I have ever wasted money on. She is obsessed with making money and has her own "child" issues that she has not addressed. She is clearly one of those people who went into psychology because they had issues, not necessarily to help others. Her inexperience with children is glaring -- she seems to have no clue what it actually takes to be a parent and uses her patients to work out her own issues with her parents. Horrible, horrible psychologist who should not be practicing. Be forewarned! She also has very loose lips. She will talk about you and other patients with complete disregard for patient privacy, which happens to be the law. Add: 1/2/10: @Justice2All--I'm sticking by my evaluation. Dr. Neighbors never asked my permission to reveal information about my child to others, and I never said it was OK. What she did was to inform me who another patient was, and in a bragging sort of way, who the child's relative was (who was not my boss, by the way, so perhaps you're assuming my review is about your case, when it may not be.) I'll bet she fed you even more slanderous information. As I said, she has loose lips. You have no direct knowledge that she asked both parents, right? I see that Neighbors is no longer on the Nevada Psychological Association's list of members in good standing. Hmmm . .

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