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Saved me thousands of dollars.

Trotter should be the first call to evalution of your basement concerns. I was told by another "Acworth company" that I had efflorescene on my basement cement blocks; wood rot on the ceiling; spiders and insects;severe mold problems; spreading rot that could be destroying; underground seepage; cracking foundation; and water that would deteriorate the cememt blocks; and hydrostatic pressure that would crack my walls and floors. I was given a quote of over $10,000 to fix my extensive problems. This would consist of outside drainage 8 to 12 inches underground; jackhammer the cement floor about 1 foot around the inside foundation; install drain pipes and put in a sump pump; seal all cracks; kill all the mold in the wood; put a ventilation system in my unfinished basement. I have two small areas of my basement that are about 4 feet underground with the rest near ground level or above ground level. I had some leakage in a small area during the 100 year floods, plus some damp concrete in one area of the basement and wanted an evaluation of the basement. It has never flooded in the 18 yrs living here. They used scare tactics and offered discounts to strongly try to encourage me to purchase their system. Trotter said these items are not necessary at this time. If I decided to finish my basement, I should install interior floor drains and moisture barriers on the walls to provide a waterproof basement. THANKS JOHN...YOU SAVED ME THOUSANDS. 6/2/10 CSP

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