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Vca Sno Wood Animal Hospital

Posted on: 6/13/2010

Do you want to pay $70 for a $5 antibiotic?????

I have been involved in dog rescue for over twenty years so I am somewhat aware of what things cost for chronically ill dogs. This past week one of my little dogs was peeing on one of my others dogs bedding and toys and then even on my bed. Before I could chalk it up as a behavior issue I knew I needed to make sure she didn't have a health issue behind the behavior so I called my Vet. Even though he was on a cruise, in Alaska, he answer and confirmed my suspicions and suggested I find a vet in my area just to make sure. I called Sno-Wood Animal Hospital in Woodenville. I was quoted $120 for an appointment,the extraction of urine and testing the urine. I thought that was reasonable. When the woman vet came into the not so clean examination room she handed me a estimate for between $355-$450 just to get the urine and send it to the lab and a prescription. She was condescending, rude and told me I shouldn't come there for help if I couldn't afford to. When I pointed out that they where asking $70 for $5 worth of antibiotics SHE SAID MOST OF HER CLIENTS WOULD RATHER PAY THE MARK UP THAN MAKE A SECOND TRIP TO THE PHARMACY to get prescription filled. I wouldn't mind paying $20 for $5 worth of antibiotics to help support the clinic but SEVENTY DOLLARS FOR A FIVE DOLLAR PRESCRIPTION(that's what it cost at Fred Meyer Pharmacy) THAT'S JUST ROBBERY!!!!!! I WOULD NEVER GO THERE AGAIN AND FEEL FOR THE PEOPLE WHO TRUST THESE VETS AND PAY SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE!

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