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Stewart Rentals

Posted on: 6/21/2010

****Warning *******Avoid*****

I had a terrible rental experience and was more than happy to leave. The apartments could be nice after serious renovations and new management. Stewart Rentals is an incredibly backwards small rental organization. The landlord has a terrible attitude toward tenants. The organization's Realtor will tell you anything it takes to get your name on a lease. The apartments have floors and walls designed for a house not an apartment complex. There is little to no privacy between tenants. I dealt with cranky elderly neighbors who made ridiculous complaints including: -Making the floor squeak when walking -Using an alarm clock in the morning -Watching TV -Listening to the radio -Having my girlfriend spend the night My girlfriend and I were very upset about the privacy issues we experienced. We had issues with broken appliances, bad wiring, leaking roof, snow removal issues, rotten wood balcony, poor apartment maintenance, and insect problems. Stewart Rentals was less than helpful with anything. We received ridiculous complaints and requests from the landlord. He had the nerve to ask us not to use an alarm clock in the morning because it wakes up the tenant below us. I suppose he wanted us to quit our jobs? We looked forward to nothing more than getting out of the lease.

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