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Posted on: 8/10/2010

Very Disappointed as Well

During a recent visit with Dr. S. F. Ravari, I had a tooth filled & I thought that I felt him brush the tooth next to it while holding the drill but I figured maybe I was mistaken because my mouth was deadened. Upon further inspection I noticed a tiny straight line across the bottom of the tooth. During my next visit I asked to speak with Dr. Ravari & told him that I think he may have knicked the adjoining tooth during my last visit & before I could even complete my thought he exclaimed I did not knick your tooth. I responded I think that he did & attempted to show him the tooth in question. He barely glanced from 3 feet away & said I did not do that & that it could not have been done by an instrument. Long story short we exchanged a few more words where he continued to get more rude and blame the chip on my bad hygeine & even came up to the front as I was leaving to yell at me that I was rude & he didn't do that. The knicked could have easily been fixed with a tiny bit of drilling & filling. If they were nice about it may have even allowed my insurance to pay for it. Dr. Ravari has also prescribed other questionable treatment plans (a crown on a wisdom tooth instead of pulling?). Just terrible.

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