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Inexperienced with reel mowers

I found these guys on Kudzu and liked the location and reviews. I paid an average price to backlap a Trucut reel mower. Afterwards, the reel would not turn because the blades were too tight, so I returned to the shop and they adjusted it, but then it cut unevenly (loose on one side). I finally adjusted it myself, but that's when I noticed they had mangled the holes in the aluminum adjustment plate. It looks like they hammered it hard with a punch because they didn't loosen the bolts holding the plate. A spanner wrench won't work in those holes anymore. Thatís inexperience followed by disrespect for customerís equipment. I had requested replacement of a missing bolt in the height adjustment mechanism. It needed to be special ordered, but I had a temporary bolt holding it together. They replaced it with another bolt that didn't fit right, and charged me for that privilege. I still need to replace that bolt. While I was waiting in the lobby, they argued with a day laborer about docking his pay for broken equipment. That argument went on for 10 minutes, right in front of me. After the backlap, the blades were sharp but the bed knife was dull. In the final analysis, they charged an average price for below average workmanship, they slightly damaged the equipment, and argued with staff in front of a customer. Thatís too many strikes in one visit. I wonít be going back.

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