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Unique Nail and Spa


I left in the middle of getting my nails done because they called me a "white b***h" in Vietnamese!!

Unique Nail Spa


I was driving my friends car when it broke down in the same strip mall as Unique nails. I had my nine month old son with me and asked if I could beat the 100 degree heat inside while I called my father-in-law, who is best friends with the owner of a wrecker company. They said yes but after just 5 mins, I noticed them chattering angrily in Vietnamese. Then they told me that I was "hurting there business" by taking up a paking space near them and "I needed to hurry up and leave". Mind you, I was not in front of Unique Nails and while I was there, two other cars pulled up in front and walked into other stores. They had no customers to tend to and cont. to ask me when I was leaving. Thank God my ride and wrecker showed up moments after this. I was disgusted by there behavior, esp. since I was considering getting my toes done before my FIL said I would only be there 10-15 mins max. I just wanted to let everyone know how rude they were to me and my baby. I'll NEVER go back there.