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Peachtree Decks and Porches, LLC

Evaluation over the phone

I already have a porch which I wanted to remodel. Peachtree Porches returned my call and told me that they did not do "repairs". I would have to have my porch rebuilt.(they used better wood) They said their minimum was $25,000. All this without looking at my porch or even requesting a photo. I can't comment on the quality of the work because I did not proceed. My current porch looks very much like the ones on their website and I thought they could update it nicely. Perhaps they should note on their website that their minimum job is $25,000


can fix my worst problem

Lou and his HH guys are the BEST. It's bad enough having a problem that's difficult but finding someone to fix it is worse. "Handy Husband" has done several jobs for me and they guys are POLITE and NEAT and Professional. Each time they were able to do my job without charging me an arm and a leg. My friend has even had these guys do some painting for her, in fact - after I write this review I'm going to thank her for telling me about Lou and his guys. :)


Garden Wonders Inc.


Garden Wonders ruined my existing irrigation system. My plants have suffered but the contract doesn't guarantee them. Susan would not even return my e-mails and phone calls. I sent certified letters and FINALLY got some e-mails denying any responsibility for my problems. It is so sad that once Ms. Gworek got the final payment (which was steep to begin with)she did not stand by the work. Unfortunately it took about a week after I had signed off on the work for me to realize things were not right. I will be astonished if this company stays in business. A little follow up would have gone a long way in smoothing things over with me; I am not unreasonable. My irrigation system has a toll free number and referred me to a certified technician to review my case. Legal counsel informed me that I was in a good position to recover my money in small claims court because nothing was done in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations. I have decided not to bother because I have found another company to fix everything with less expense than going to court. I have saved my plants by spot watering with a hose in the meantime (NOT what you'd expect after paying for irrigation!) - Beware of Garden Wonders

EPPS tile & flooring

more than the floor!

Epps tile and flooring did it right! I have a new shower, new cabinet, new sink and new fixtures. The tilework is beautiful. Epps tile and flooring can do designs and accents and shampoo niches and shower doors. I recommend Kyle at Epps tile and I'm taking the time to post this review because he and Eddie do excellent work.