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Stay Away!!

Last July my a/c unit stopped working. I called B Metro Service and their tech charged me $405. $85 for the service call, $220 for 4lbs of Freon, $20 for a valve stem, and $80 for half an hour of labor. My issue here is with the $80 for the labor. You already charged money for the service call and the Freon, adding another $80 was ridiculous. He then came back and charged me $159 for a leak check. He used something called a sniffer to search for the leak but never found anything and all he did was replace a cap on the unit and left. Well, needless to say that my unit stopped working again a week ago. I called another company yesterday that charged $59 for the service call and $45 a lb for the Freon (the unit needed almost 7 lbs of Freon this time). They did not charge me for any additional labor and they are coming back on Monday to do a dye test to find out where the leak is coming from. The tech from B Metro Service never offered to do the dye test. B Metro Service charged me top dollar for their services and didnít bother to take the time or effort to find out where the leak was actually coming from and fixing it properly.

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