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Mr Mover

Posted on: 10/10/2010


I made arrangements to use this company to move from one apartment to another..when i called Dave estimated my move 4-5hrs..The young gentlemen who moved me were hardworking and polite..Their BOSS kept calling them every 15mins. to see how far along they were. When we arrived at the new apartment, they had half of my belongings in the apartment and half still on the truck. This dispatcher BOSS called them and told them I was at the 5hrs. . I told them I would pay them for more time and he said NO... They had to leave and take my belongings that were on the truck with them !!!! I told them they were not getting paid until everything was off the truck...Meanwhile they have him screaming at them on the phone and if they don't leave they are fired !!!!! I got all my stuff off the truck and put in the middle of the parking lot....I am a single parent on disability with my furniture and boxes in a parking lot!!! I had to call another moving company to move my furniture into the apartment... THIS SO CALLED MOVING COMPANY NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED.....The young gentlemen who moved me were very embaressed they could not help but were afraid of losing their jobs..The so called boss dispachters name was ERWIN or something like that..I was too upset to get it..I had heard of moving companies taking your belongings or dumping them in the street and could not believe a legit company would act in that fashion! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO MY WORSE ENEMY. STAY AWAY !!!!

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