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Arroyo Tree Services

Great Service and the Absolute Best Price

I had to have a half dozen huge trees removed. When any job I need done is in the multiple thousand dollars range, I always get a bunch of estimates. Initially, these guys got beat by a few hundred bucks, but were willing to negotiate. In the end, it was a great deal. The work was fantastic and completed with all the loose ends tied up in the expected time. My yard looks great!

Five Forks Academy

Average Experience

We have been taking our kid to FFA for about a year. The learning environments are pretty good but the turnover is really high. I suspect the teacher pay is pretty inadequate and the teachers stay there long enough to get some experience and then find a better paying job. Many times, the front desk is unoccupied. This is not good when a parent or grandparent shows up, uses the code to get in the door and scoops up the kids. There is no visual check by anyone to make sure that the person getting the child is authorized to do so. The codes for the door should be changed any time an employee leaves. I really hope that they will install cameras so we can see our kids online at any time (like many other daycares have.) I will continue to use this daycare because it's the best we could find within our budget and we don't want to make a lateral move to another daycare of similar quality.

Beck Tony Heating & Air Conditioning

Pleasant Experience

Although I didn't have my unit repaird by the Beck's, it was a very pleasant experience overall. The tech was friendly and took time to explain what was wrong. The compressor needed replacement, but I saved $150 to have it done elsewhere. They didn't earn my business this time, but they definitely earned my trust.

Shumate Air Conditioning & Heating

Typical A/C Expectation

I called these guys for a second opinion after I was told I needed a new compressor. The repair guy was very quick to tell me that my compressor was out of warranty, even though I knew it wasn't. He changed his story really quick once I had him pull the paperwork. This is not surprising that they would attempt to screw me. Anyway, I was quoted about $250 more than the first estimate and was also told that I should replace most of the system, blah blah blah of course. Not incredibly happy, but I am glad I got the second opinion.

Reliable Heating Air Plumbing & Electric

OK Experience Overall

After having two prior estimates for repair work (I was told the compressor needed replacement), I called these guys for a third opinion based on the stellar reviews here. The first technician was quick to tell me I needed a new electrical power box (which is outside by the unit) because it was "burnt and melted". Upon examination, a small part did appear to be burnt. The tech assured me that he was "99% sure" this would fix the problem. For $175 you can imagine how elated I was and immediately felt better knowing that I was probably getting bamboozled by the first 2 companies that came out. That all went down the tubes when he, not surprisingly, added that the compressor was indeed bad after closer examination. At that point I felt like I had just poured $175 down the drain, but concluded that it probably did need replacement anyway - it just wasn't the root of the problem. I was quoted $795 for labor (compressor was under warranty) to fix. The next day I was told $975. What? I called foul and in the end, they honored the first quote, but it took some complaining. The job was completed today satisfactorily.

Subaru of Gwinnett

Shifty Service Department

I brought my Forester in this weekend for a full inspection. It has 30K miles and I did all the replacement stuff myself or at other shops where the prices are actually reasonable. I was told that my power steering fluid was dirty and needed to be replaced. I found this suspect as that's not a fluid one should have to replace until 60K miles, at the very least, and I don't drive in severe conditions. I asked one of my friends (who is a service guy at a different Subaru dealership) to check it out and he told me it looked as good as new. That was verified by another shop when I had the oil changed. Fluid replacement is almost pure profit for the dealer because there are no real parts and it is done with a machine automatically. I give the place 2 stars only because I love my Subaru!

Habpro Overhead Garage Door Specialist

Excellent Service

These guys did a great job and were willing to negotiate on the price of 2 openers. I got a great deal, the installer was out in less than 2 hours and it was a pleasant experience. Will definitely do business with them again should I have the need.

National Garage Door

Satisfactory Repair - Bad Attitude

I called these guys to look at a door that was hanging up on the rail. I had to disengage the drive to manually lower the door (so it would close). When the tech got there, I was told that the whole unit had to be replaced. I was skeptical but it was a really old unit and was probably going to eventually die anyway. I was told a replacement unit would be $375. I opted not to take the bait and called the office to confirm the price. It was correct, but the tech had quoted me a more powerful opener than was necessary. Even with the "free service call with repair" coupon, they still charge a minimum of $95 for any repair, so I had him do a token repair on my other garage door just to get my money's worth. Then he tries to tell me that the door wouldn't close because of a pre-existing problem. Since the problem wasn't present before he arrived, I let him know and he tried to argue with me. I was pretty angry at this point, but he reluctantly fixed the problem. I don't deal with attitudes like this, so when I did replace BOTH openers (yesterday) I went with another company that treated me with respect. Not recommended.

Arpin Moving Systems Inc

Estimate was WAY off - everything else was good

The service and professionalism of Jeffery Arpin and his employees was exemplary. Great care was taken with our belongings. I was initially skeptical with a rate quote of $89 per hour, but decided on Arpin because we were only moving about 4 miles away. However, the (time) estimate was not anywhere close to what I was told. I don't know if this is a common sales tactic, but Jeff (the owner) came out to my house and wrote up a detailed (non-binding) estimate of how much time it would take to do the move. I was told 5 hours - 6 max. It ended up taking 9 hours, completely blowing my moving budget. As a result, I was unable to tip the workers as planned.

Dr. Roof

A little speed bump, but awesome otherwise.

I cannot say enough about how I love my new roof. Dr. Roof has the best warranty on labor in town. Although they provide a written policy on what constitutes a need for necessary decking repairs prior to the roof installation, "otherwise structurally unsound" is pretty vague and leaves a lot of room to justify anything they see fit as a necessary repair. However, they were willing to work with me on those repairs and we came to a mutual, relatively reasonable agreement. My new roof looks great and I am very happy. Also, they offer a 3.5% discount if paying cash, which I took advantage of. Their price compared to other companies is in line if not better.