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Strong Heating & Air

Pleasantly surprised.

I called 2-10 home warranty to have someone come fix my AC. They assigned Strong Heating and Air (now renamed to Solution Heating and Air) as our service provider. At first I was extremely apprehensive in having them come out after reading the reviews on here. I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of the tech who came out, Marco. Although he arrived almost 40 minutes later than expected, he was able to address the issue and fix it within 30 minutes. Other than being late, the service was excellent!

America's Service Station - Cobb Pkwy

Don't waste your time here.

The actual facility is clean, well kept and the staff were definitely polite and well spoken. My problem is that they tried to charge me $1400 to clear my Check Engine Light due to a "broken ECU" (car computer) which would apparently cause me to fail an emissions test. Also they kept trying to tell me how "competitive" this quote was but when I called the dealer they quoted me only $90 more. Nonetheless, I called the shop and told them I would be back to pick up my car to go get a 2nd opinion. When I turned my car back on, I was surprised to see the check engine light had cleared and I ended up passing my emissions test a few days later! So what if I had gone through with the "repair" without checking first? That would have been $1400 down the drain! I am pretty sure all they had to do was reset my battery or ecu to get the CEL to turn off which is probably what they did. But of course they wouldn't have told me that. Two weeks and 400+ miles of driving later, my car is still running fine and the CEL has not come back on. It is clear that these people use high pressure sales tactics to prey on people who they think do not know any better.

Atlanta Pro Move

Unprofessional. Hidden fees.

I purchased a Half Off Depot voucher to get a piano moved. I paid $98 for the voucher was was for a 2 hour move and supposedly a $250 value. When I called they charged me an additional $50 for the piano since it was considered an "exotic" item and required extra padding and care. They also tried to charge me $50 extra for a mileage fee that I negotiated down to $35 since I was supposedly out of their service area. They claim this is listed on their website but it is most definitely not. Come the day of the move, they were an hour late and I received no courtesy call informing me so. The movers did NOT pad my piano at all so I'm really confused as to what the extra $50 was for. When they arrived at the destination they did not put any padding down under the wheels until I asked them to because I saw that there was dirt rubbing off on my hardwood floors. I also ended up having to personally assist with positioning the padding since apparently two guys could not do it themselves. At the end of the move, they also had the audacity to ask for a tip. I am a firm believer in tipping well for good service but I can honestly say that Atlanta Pro Movers' customer service is absolutely dreadful. I will never use them again.

Protech Appliance Services

Great service!

Our washing machine broke over the weekend. My home warranty company had them call me on Monday morning to schedule a next day appointment. Our tech, Steve, was on time and very professional! Turns out the wiring was burnt out in the motor - Steve managed to replace the wiring in less than an hour. Thanks for the prompt and professional service! Will definitely recommend them to others!

I was referred to Thrasher by my home warranty company. My AC unit decided to break down a month after I moved into my new house. It was a good 100 degrees outside and he ended up having to work on the AC unit outside the house for a good couple hours! He fixed the problem and we were good to go in no time.

Arctic Circle Air, Inc.

Happy customers!

I was referred to Arctic Circle by my home warranty company. To be honest, I was a little skeptical after reading the reviews on here but I was pleasantly surprised by how different my experience was. They were able to schedule a same day appointment and the tech they sent out was Jimmy. He was on time and professional! Turned out that I had a bad thermostat installed previously that caused the heat fan to run 24/7. Jimmy installed a new thermostat for no extra cost and also topped up the freon in my system. He also gave us a lot of good advice on how to properly maintain our HVAC system and really seemed to care about us as customers. Overall a great experience and would definitely use them again!