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Super Work.

Never having had any plastic surgery before, and having even thought the idea unthinkable a couple years ago, I was convinced Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones was the best qualified and trained surgeon out there. I did not want to trust my face with just anyone and take a risk I would regret for the rest of my life. So I did my homework. Now, only four days after the eyelid surgery, I can already tell what a difference, an amazingly beautiful difference it makes. Ten years has been taken off my face, even with the swelling and the scars still visible! The area above my eyes has a smooth, fresh look, and there is no unnatural pulling anywhere. Why did I ever even hesitate to remove the sagging skin that had started fold over above my eyes? It caused me to wrinkle my forehead to lift up the skin, which in turn started to make wrinkles on my forehead. Wrinkling forehead made me look like I was "concerned" all the time. It is all gone now! Dr. Jones knows how to repair such a delicate area. Superb results.

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