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Posted on: 2/7/2011

Very Caring and Gentle Chiropractor

I awoke about a month prior to visiting Anderson Chiropractic with severe pain in my neck area and numbness in my right hand. Assuming it was the normal 'bad night's sleep,' I waited a few days for the pain to subside. When it did not dissipate, I contacted my medical doctor who prescribed muscle relaxants. For two more days I suffered with no improvement. On the fourth day of pain, I mentioned to two co-workers what I was going through and they BOTH immediately swore to me that chiropractic help was not only needed, but needed IMMEDIATELY! While I was a skeptic of the first degree, I felt that I had no other choice as medication was certainly not working and I was desperate for relief. I was able to make an emergency visit that first day and received my first treatment. WOW! is all I can say. I experienced immediate relief for the first time that week. Dr. Anderson knew exactly where my problems were and corrected them precisely and effectively. The following ice and electrical stimulation was especially soothing and relaxing. Having been educated by the professional staff at Anderson Chiropractic, I was aware that the pain would come back, which it did. However, I followed the treatment schedule as prescribed and each time the improvement was immediate and the effects were longer lasting. I am now in my fourth week of treatment and my pain has been gone completely for the better part of that time. The numbness in my fingers lessens each day.

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