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This place sucks

Okay, this place really is the worst place I have visited and I didn't even get seen. My mother, a pain patient had to wait four hours to get her scripts. She had to walk, a pain patient, into the back, back out, back into the back, back out and wait another hour and a half to finally get scripts. The bathrooms stink, only a small trickle of cold water, no soap, no hand sanitizer in either bathroom. In a place that most patients have to regularly give urine samples I have never in my life seen such a joke for a doctors office. On top of all that, my mother never gets listened to when she goes there. She sees the doc maybe five minutes and she is back out in the waiting room to wait in uncomfortable chairs. Even after an hour of waiting, they don't want you to go up and ask what is taking so long. They have rude, ill conceived signs everywhere, don't do that, do not open or knock on this window, do not ask where you are in line it only slows the process. I wouldn't know how it could get any slower, seriously. I don't know what kind of racket they have going on there, but it must be a heck of a money maker.

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