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Joe's Appliance Repair

Thanks, Joe!

Maybe we got lucky because we live near him but, when our basement refrigerator died on a Sunday, we thought we'd lose most of the food in it. Joe made a service call ON SUNDAY, which we did not expect. First, he tried to help us resolve the issue without him (and without cost) - when that failed, he came quickly, had the required parts, and got us up and running again in no time. Saved us buying a new refrigerator. Cost was well within expected range (we don't often call service people, so I don't really know what 'expected' was, but I was happy to pay him what he asked for the quick service and accurate fix).

Downie, Joshua Michael MD

Doctor who instills trust

My husband had bad nasal congestion, and was a nose-spray addict. Dr. Downie's manner inspired him to quit the nose spray and, though it was terrifying, the surgery he did on my husband proved a correct diagnosis and, more than a year later, complete resolution of his problems. Dr. Downie was compassionate, approachable, accessible, entertaining, and delivered the promised results -- not often something that doctors do, these days! I rated him high on "value," though insurance covered most of our costs. If they hadn't, I know this would've been extremely expensive -- but resolving the problem, and finding the growth in my husband's sinus, would've been worth it.

Abbey Appliance

Never even went to the store, but WON'T go

I had really hoped to utilize this business to buy a used appliance. However, after one experience on the phone with them, I won't even be visiting their store. It's as though they DON'T WANT my business. They won't share any inventory information -- AT ALL -- on the phone. I live a considerable distance from this store -- I'm not going to travel there just to see if the visit will be worth my while. Not only was inventory information not forthcoming, but it's as though I was a bother to the employee who answered the phone. Sorry guys -- if you can't take the time to help me out on the phone, I can't take the time to come patronize your business. The only reason I gave them "average" on QUALITY and VALUE is that I don't know, so won't rate them either way, in those categories.

Big Peach Running Company

Service and decent price

Big Peach had been recommended to me by a couple of running co-workers. I am NOT a runner -- just long-distance dog walker who has bad knees, wore orthopedic shoes as a kid, and wants shoes that won't mess me up but will last and be affordable. Big Peach did what I needed: they checked out my feet to determine which shoes would be best for me, offered me a few alternatives and advice. The prices (though high for a cheapskate like me) are perfectly reasonable; I know I can't get GOOD shoes for big-box prices. They were helpful, never made me feel out of place because I'm NOT a jock and, though the shoes I ended up choosing were, unfortunately, made in China, they were able to show me some that aren't, and even showed me some made in the USA. I'm hoping to not have to visit them often (hope the shoes last!), but will go back when I next need shoes.

Goodman Dermatology, P.C.

Different doc experience than usual - that's good!

I visited Dr Goodman for my annual screening based largely on bad experiences with other doctors and his Kudzu reviews -- and I wasn't disappointed. I was a little discomfited, at first, by how *aware* of his good reviews he was -- but then I realized that that is a GOOD thing: he *cares* what his patients think about their experience with him. I can't honestly say that I've ever had another doctor who seemed to care if I was satisfied with my care and how I was treated by him or his practice. And I got what felt like my first thorough screening, and I'm really happy to learn that he actually photos and measures anything that might be of concern, so there's no doubt if there are changes, in future visits. That feels reassuring. My ONLY complaint is that his office is not closer to my home (but I guess that wouldn't be fair to the rest of you).

Famous Hair

I don't usually trust hair stylists...

...but Grace at (the Canton Marketplace) Famous Hair is great. She "gets" how I live, and what I want & need from my hair. She doesn't try to push anything on me that I wouldn't like. Affordable, good at what she does, friendly, and I come away liking my hair.

TC Country

Not just horses - great for other pets (and you)

I love this place. When I have a dog, this is my first choice for dog food/treats -- they have a great selection of HEALTHY dog food and treats. Plus toys, medicines, etc. After I shop, I love to browse and fantasize that I have a horse, plus look at all the other neat stuff. The owners and employees are super friendly and super helpful.

Honey Baked Ham

Doesn't honor coupons

Perhaps this is a right of a franchisee, but it's not great customer service for the company: I had a coupon for a free boxed lunch from Honey Baked and, because it wasn't "generated" by this store, they refused to honor it.

Nature's Garden Delivered

Loving this...

Maybe it's too early to rate them - just got my first delivery today - but I am LOVING this, so far. Delivery, to my door, WEEKLY, of a variety of local/organic fruits/veggies (and other stuff, if I want it). I tried another "CSA," previously, and the produce was puny. My first shipment got me excited to eat my fruits/veggies, which is just what I wanted. Maybe I'm paying more than at the store, but it's worth it, to me.

Sewell Auto Care

Fair prices, great service

The only reason I didn't give these guys 5 stars is because I've only been there twice, so far. For routine maintenance, the price is a little higher than oil change places -- but I don't worry about the quality, with Sewell, so it's worth it. They know what they're doing and are willing to talk to me about what they've found and what I need (or don't need) - and their prices, though higher than the 'hacks,' are definitely fair. And they're A.S.E. certified!