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Posted on: 4/27/2011

Great Experience

I received a f/u contact from a Rep at a dealership I contacted prior to our purchase. After I advised that we had already made our purchase, the Rep asked if I could explain why I chose to go with a different dealership. I responded in the following manner. I completed my purchase with "Jim Ellis" for the following reasons: I knew what I wanted (GM Certified Used, around $24k or under, no older than 2009, no more than 40+k miles, Acadia/Outlook/Traverse LT, clean carfax, and I wanted to buy before 4/2/11). This dealership had what I wanted and a little more (Acadia w/ 2nd row bucket and vehicle was 1 owner/non-rental car). I liked my salesman (he was a salesman, but didn't present as a salesman... seemed like a "regular" guy selling cars; he was accomodating and willing to "run anything up the flagpole"). Though my husband and I were already pre-approved for individual loans through each of our credit unions, the timing to get to one by our desired "buy time" was not convenient to our work schedules. Jim Ellis was able to match our credit unions' financing offers, which made things more convenient for us. Note: Just as you guys rec'd my info, I did a lot of checking out various dealerships online before actually going out. I ended up going to 3 dealerships in all and I contacted a/b 4 or 5 via internet processes. I will say that all the "internet f/u people", from every dealership, were great and attentive. Ingrid

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