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Uptown Dental

Caring and friendly.

Awesome. I called them and had an emergency visit within an hour. I had TWO extractions done and was in and out in about an hour and a half. Dr. Williams and his assistant Don were accommodating, caring, attentive, and just cool in general. I was never judged or talked down to. I had a HORRIBLE experience just yesterday but felt completely comfortable when I went to Uptown. I really appreciate the way they worked around me being comfortable instead of sacrificing my comfort and anxiety to get done quickly. They never tried to push me to spend money on costly procedures when they knew I wasn't able and they are working with me on an affordable treatment plan so that I may save my other teeth. I hope Dr. Williams (and Don!) stick around the area because I'd have a hard time finding a better dentist! I'll definitely be recommending them to everyone!

Douglasville Dental Group Practice

Should be illegal the way they do!

The folks at Douglasville Dental knew I had Medicaid and I went in for an extraction. They did my x-rays and gave me FOUR shots in my mouth. After doing all of this, they tell me they will not pull my tooth unless I also agree to have a Bio Plant treatment (which is not covered by my insurance and costs $245). They admitted it was not necessary but the dentist would not pull without it. So I left with a half numb face and now when I go to Uptown Dental tomorrow to get it pulled my gums are going to hurt because of all the shots I had to get for no reason today.