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What is Kudzu? Back to top
Kudzu provides consumers with trusted information about local providers for home, health, and other life service needs — and gives businesses the tools to drive "word of mouth" online.

Launched in Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Diego in 2006, Kudzu features consumer reviews and detailed profiles built by local service businesses. These profiles includes specialties, descriptions, photos, video, and deals.

Today, Kudzu is expanding nationwide and now lists businesses across the country. Key categories include: home improvement, dentists, child care, vets, and auto repair.
What are some advantages to using Kudzu over other online directories? Back to top

Merchants have the ability to modify their information at any time, so you are less likely to find outdated information on Kudzu.

You’ll find more information regarding the services that businesses offer.

With Kudzu Extras, how-to guides, and more, Kudzu has everything you need to help you find the right service professionals for the job.

Where does Kudzu get its address listings information? Back to top
Kudzu works with data providers who collect publicly-available information on businesses such as the name, location, and phone number. To make sure this information is correct, we encourage companies to come online and add more details about their work. This extra information gives Atlanta consumers an edge in picking the right company to get the job done.
How do I use the site? Back to top

Use the keyword search box at the top of the home page to find a business by name, category, specialty or job the business performs. Because many of the businesses listed on Kudzu have detailed profiles, you can easily refine your results to find the right company for your job.

You also can browse through the listings on the home page or the full list of business categories available on the site.

Once you've narrowed down a list of businesses, simply click on a business name to view a detailed profile about that business and get a map and driving directions to its location.

Is Kudzu working with local business organizations to gather information about Atlanta-area service providers? Back to top
Yes, Kudzu has been working with a number of chambers of commerce and respected business organizations in the Atlanta area. Please click here to check out the complete list of local business organizations.
What is the BizCheck Approved badge? Back to top
Kudzu has partnered with Experian® Business Information Services to present a non-biased indicator of business health on the companies listed on our site. When you see a green "BizCheck Approved" badge next to a business listing, it means the business is validated and monitored by Experian – helping you to have greater confidence and trust about the service provider as a financially reliable company approved by Experian.
How can I change an incorrect business listing? Back to top

Kudzu is eager to provide the most accurate information possible about local service providers.

If you are the business owner, click here to register and update your information. If you're a customer of the service provider, click here to add information about the business.

Can I search for businesses near my home or office? Back to top

Yes. Kudzu has made it easy for you to save addresses you search near most often. To set these addresses, go to the window near the top of any Search page that says "Address, City & State, or Zip" and click on the arrow next to it. You'll see a link that says Add/Edit saved locations. Click that and you can define up to three addresses and save them for future use.

How can I narrow a business to be within 5 miles of my home or office? Back to top

You can refine your search to show businesses that are located within set distances from a chosen location. For example, let's say you want to find a florist within 5 miles of your home. Set your home address as a "Favorite Location" and search for all florists. Then, choose 5 miles under the sort by radius option. Kudzu then will show you all florists within a 5 mile radius of your home.

Here's another way to find those florists. Set your home as your default location and search for all florists. Then ask Kudzu to sort by distance. That will order the results so the businesses closest to your home are displayed first.

How do I change the address from which I want to search? Back to top

Once you have set up an address and selected it as the "default," it will remain in the "Address, City & State, or Zip" window until you select a new one. To search from a different address, click the arrow next to that window, then click on the "Add/Edit saved locations" link. That will take you to a page where you may enter your new address. If you would like to change which address is set as the default, be sure to indicate this by checking the "Make default" link next to the desired address .

How do I use the links on the left side of the Results page? Back to top

These links help you narrow the search results down so you can more easily find the business that's right for you. For example, to find a doctor, it's important to search within the right specialty and to learn what insurance programs are accepted by each doctor.

By clicking on the "Refine Your Results" links in the left column, the search results will be narrowed down to show only those results that meet your criteria. The Refine Your Results choices will change depending on the search options for each service category.

What are the different sorting options and how do I use them? Back to top

You can sort search results seven ways:

    Top Results - Sorts all listings by those most relevant to the keyword that you entered in the keyword search box, with paid sponsors first. This is how Kudzu sorts results after each keyword search.
    Name (A to Z) - Sorts all listings alphabetically by the names of the service providers in the list of results.
    Distance - Sorts listings by distance from the location entered in the "Address, City & State, or Zip" box. The closest service providers will be listed first.
    Ratings (Sponsors, others) - Our "Sort by Rating" feature sorts services providers first by paid Sponsors and then by other service providers listed on our service.
    Deals - Sorts the listings so those merchants with Deals on their services appear at the top of the list.
    Photos - Merchants with Photos illustrating their services appear first in the results.
    Video - Sorts the listings so those merchants with Videos appear at the top of the list.

How do I see a map for a business location? Back to top

Each of the service providers on the results page will have a map link with its listing. Just click on that link to see where the service provider is located. You can also view a map of a service provider's location from the company's profile page. To see it, click on the map tab with the compass icon above the business details.

How do I use the maps controls? Back to top

You can zoom in to a street-level view or expand to an overview level for the entire Greater Atlanta area.

    To Pan — Use the arrows along the outside of the maps to move the center point of the map to the north, south, east or west, or directions in between.
    To Zoom — Use the Zoom controls to the right of the map to increase or decrease the scale of the map. Clicking "Zoom In" provides a more detailed map. Clicking "Zoom Out" provides a more general map. There are 10 levels of detail that allows you to see down to the street level or out to the Greater Atlanta area.
How do I get driving directions to a business location? Back to top
When you click on the "Map" link from a search result listing or when you click on the "View Map and Directions" link from a business's detailed page, you will be taken to a map page where you can get driving directions to that business. Just enter a starting address and receive detailed driving directions to that business and a map with a plotted route.
Why register as a Kudzu user? Back to top
As a registered and confirmed user of Kudzu, you can save custom search settings for your home or work for faster searches. Recent searches are automatically saved for you so that it is easier to retrace them if you need to. Further, registered users can publish reviews and participate in Kudzu contests.
How private is my registration information? Back to top
Your privacy is important to us. Without your permission, we will not share with advertisers the personally-identifiable information you give us when registering on our site. We may use that information to contact you for customer service purposes, to inform you about the services offered through our site or of important changes or additions to our site, and to send you newsletters, offers and information that you request.
Do I need to confirm my registration? Back to top

Yes. Before you are allowed to post a review or rating, you will need to confirm your registration. You should have received an email shortly after creating your profile. This email contained instructions for confirming your registration.

If you did not receive your confirmation email, either your email address was entered incorrectly in your profile, or the spam filters for your email provider blocked delivery. Refer to your email software help menu for instructions on adjusting your spam filter to allow returned email from Kudzu or Once adjusted, the confirmation email may appear in your inbox.

How can I request another confirmation email? Back to top

You can resend the confirmation email by logging in to Kudzu then visiting your My Kudzu page. You'll find a link that will send a new confirmation email to the email address you entered into the registration form.

If you need to request a resend of your confirmation email, please contact online support.

Once I've registered, can I change my profile information? Back to top

Absolutely. You can log in to your profile and change your password, email address, etc. at any time.

Can I change the photo on my Kudzu profile? Back to top

Sure. On your My Kudzu page, just click the "Change Profile Picture" link. Then just browse your computer to upload a new photo.

Why do I have to register to rate or review businesses? Back to top
Kudzu encourages visitors to give accurate and honest reviews of local service professionals. To protect the credibility of these reviews, we allow consumers to review a business only once. That's why we ask visitors to register first.
What is Facebook Connect? Back to top
Facebook Connect allows you to share your reviews with your Facebook friends both on Kudzu and on Facebook. Plus, you’ll be able to easily see your friends’ Kudzu reviews. When you search on Kudzu, look to the right side of the results page to see who your friends have reviewed. Click here to sign in with Facebook Connect now. Click here to read more.
If I use Facebook Connect, do I have to use my Facebook profile picture on Kudzu? Back to top
Nope! Just head to your My Kudzu page and click the "Change Profile Picture" link. If you upload a new photo, that will take the place of your Facebook profile image.
I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do? Back to top
At the bottom of the login page, you'll see a link to "Forgot your password?" Click on that, then type the email address you used to register on the site. Your password will then be emailed to you.
Can I change my screen name? Back to top
We're sorry, but while you can change the photo associated with your profile, at this time you can't change your screen name.
My reviews haven’t been published. Why is this? Back to top

There are 3 possibilities: User registrations must be confirmed by email before their reviews may be published. Click here for more information.
It may take 24 to 48 hours for new or edited reviews to be published.
Finally, Kudzu reserves the right to refuse or remove any review that does not comply with our Visitor Agreement.

How can I add a photo to a review I posted already? Back to top

Log in to your Kudzu consumer account. Then return to the profile page for a business you previously reviewed and click on "Write a review". To upload a photo, skip down to step 4, click "Choose", and select the file. After upload, a thumbnail will appear, and you can add a Caption for the photo. When finished, click "Done".

I'd like to rate a business but I can't find it on Kudzu. Back to top
Kudzu aims to be complete, but new service professionals are opening businesses in Atlanta all the time. If you have a favorite local service business that you would like to add to the site, click here and add whatever you know about the business.
Can I delete or edit a rating or review? Back to top
Yes, you can edit reviews. Log in to Kudzu by clicking on the "Log in" link at the top right corner of any page. Then return to the profile page for the business you previously reviewed and click on "Write a review" in the blue field. You will be able to change the star rating or edit the review you had written previously. However, you can't delete reviews at this time.
How do I sign up for the Kudzu Newsletter? Back to top
To sign up for the Kudzu Newsletter, log in to your account and head to the My Kudzu page. From there, click on the My Account tab. In the section marked "Kudzu Newsletter and Special Offers", check the box next to "Get the Kudzu Newsletter". Finally, click "Update Profile".

If you ever wish to unsubscribe from the Kudzu Newsletter, simply uncheck the same box and click "Update Profile".
Does Kudzu offer user rewards? Back to top
Frequently, Kudzu offers contests and/or prizes to registered and confirmed users that rate and review businesses. For current contest eligibility rules and more information, scroll to the top of this page and click on the “enter to win” graphic on the upper right corner. All eligible contestants are automatically entered into the contest.

If there is no “enter to win” graphic in the upper right corner of this page, we are not currently offering this promotion. Please check back with us often as new contests are coming soon.

My business isn't currently listed on Kudzu. How do I add it? Back to top
Click here to start an account and begin creating your profile.

You will have the opportunity to add your contact and location information as well as a business description and information on your specialties and services.

Who do I contact if I have questions about use of Kudzu? Back to top
Please click here to send us feedback
Who do I contact to subscribe to an enhanced profile or purchase advertising? Back to top
Contact Sales at 1-877-210-0044 or use the links below:
Online sales support
Online registration