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50% Off a High Quality Furnace Tune-up!

50% Off a High Quality Furnace Tune-up!

Reddi Services



Save 50%

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This deal ended at 11:59PM  2/19/13.


  • Covers 1 system, may buy additional coupons for additional systems or as gifts
  • BBB accredited business with an A+ rating
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Family owned and operated for over 50 years

The Fine Print

$59 High Quality Furnace Tune-up ($119 value). Lim 1/system. New Residential clients only. Can't be combined with any other offers. Invalid for cash back/credit. Call to schedule appointment.
Expires 2/19/13

About This Deal

You don't ask too much of your furnace. You don't want your house to get too cold or too hot, and for the most part, it maintains a consistent temperature, kicking in when the nights start getting chilly. It is getting old, however, and you're starting to wonder just how many years it has left.

A thorough furnace tune-up is vital to prolonging its life, and judging by the last guy who serviced it, that's not currently happening. He came and went so quickly, you barely had enough time to write him the check (and it wasn't a small check either).

When it comes to a high quality, methodical tune-up, look no further than Reddi Services. A furnace has a lot of working parts and their factory-trained and certified service technicians will make sure they're all being attended to. They check the unit to make sure it is properly operating but most importantly they check the unit for a crack heat exchanger that could be leaking carbon-monoxide.

Reddi Services will give your furnace the following check-up:

Check, adjust and clean blower components.
Check and adjust air flow and fan control for accurate temperature rise.
Check and replace standard air filters. A clogged filter can reduce airflow and even cause a system to cease operation. This also prevents dirt and other residue in the filter from cycling back into your home.
Check thermostat calibration. An improperly calibrated thermostat will cause your furnace to over or under heat your home. Calibration saves you money and increases your comfort.
Lubricate moving parts (when necessary). Poor lubrication causes motor and shaft drag, requiring more electricity to overcome resistance. This can also help extend motor life.
Check heat exchangers. Chemical inspection of the heat exchanger locates cracks and separations that are impossible to locate otherwise. These cracks and separations can result in dangerous carbon monoxide leakage, putting your family in danger.
Check high limit and other safety controls. This is the principle control in the furnace to prevent overheating and possible damage to the unit and the structure it is located in. Checking these controls can prevent fires and extend your furnace's life.
Check for flue obstructions. This insures proper exhaust of toxic furnace fumes, ensuring your family's safety.
Tighten all electrical connections. This is necessary to prevent wire overheating that may cause fire or part failure.
Check belts for cracks and wear. Belts must be checked periodically to insure reliable operation.
Check manifold gas pressure and combustion air openings (if necessary). Proper pressure is required to control fuel input to the furnace burners. This controls fuel consumption and stops delayed ignition.
Check burner operation, clean if necessary. Proper burner operation is essential for an efficient furnace.
Check thermocouple, replace if necessary. This is necessary for proper ignition of burners, and prevents possible explosion upon burner startup.
Clean and adjust pilot, as necessary. Adjustment insures smooth ignition, and burners are observed for proper firing. This saves fuel and insures proper ignition.
Check gas line for leaks from furnace shut off valves to the burners. This insures that potentially poisonous gases are exhausted properly and do not leak into your home.

Altogether, this service from Reddi Services would normally run you $119, but it's available to you now at 50% off the regular price, a savings of $60!

Any additional repairs and/or replacement parts will be an additional cost.

Reddi Services
Valid in Metro Phoenix.
(602) 910-2451

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"I have used Reddi several times and have been very happy with the service and performance. Very professional. Fast Service.always come the same day.... "
posted by czny2az at Kudzu

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