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$40 for a 22-Point Heating System Tune-Up and Safety Inspection!

$40 for a 22-Point Heating System Tune-Up and Safety Inspection!

Specialty Cooling and Heating



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You don't ask too much of your furnace. Really, it's all about maintenance. You don't want your house to get too cold or too hot, and for the most part, it maintains a consistent temperature, kicking in when the nights start getting chilly. It is getting old, however, and you're starting to wonder just how many years it has left.

Again, it's all about maintenance. A thorough furnace tune-up is vital to prolonging its life, and judging by the last guy who serviced it, that's not currently happening. Remember him? He came and went so quickly, you barely had enough time to write him the check (and it wasn't a small check either).

When it comes to a high quality, methodical tune-up, look no further than Specialty Cooling & Heating A furnace has a lot of working parts and their factory-trained and certified service technicians will make sure they're all being attended to. Find just how meticulous they are by purchasing this Great Deal.

Specialty Cooling & Heating will give your furnace an 22-point check-up, where they will:
Initial Electrical System Diagnostics
Check Refrigerant Levels
Inspect disconnect switch
Chem clean condenser coil
Clear condensation drain line
Test starting Components
Measure Compressor current
Ck elect motor performance
Ck capacitors to be within specifications
Test safety controls
Inspect Compressor Control
Lubricate motors as needed
Check thermostat calibration
Check and tighten high voltage Connecter
Check and tighten control wiring
Check air flow
Clean or replace filter (customer supplied)
Check air temperature readings
Inspect duct connections at unit
Inspect piping for vibrations and wear
Check outdoor fan motor bearings
Final Electrical System Diagnostics

This tune-up also comes with a free safety inspection as well. Altogether, this service would normally run you $85, but it's available to you now at 53% off the regular price, a savings of $45!

What You Need to Know About HVAC Maintenance and Repairs:
Giving your heating system a tune-up helps you save money: it helps your furnace run more efficiently and use less power.
A heating system tune-up also gives you peace of mind: wiring problems, proper airflow, gas leaks and carbon monoxide are just some of the potential hazards that can occur if you let your heating system go unchecked for too long.
Without regular maintenance, an air conditioner looses about 5% of its original efficiency each year.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday 8AM-4PM
Normal cancellation policies apply Promotional value expires 9 months from date of purchase.

Specialty Cooling and Heating
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  • Multiple vouchers may be purchased as gifts or for second unit
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Serving the Phoenix metro area since 1977
  • 5-star rated merchant on Kudzu

The Fine Print

$40 for 22-point Heating System Tune Up($85 Value) Limit 1/person/Household/unit. Residential service only. Can't be combined w/other offers or specials, current/past jobs. Not valid for cash back.

Expires 10/7/13

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Reliable & Superb Customer Service

"Specialty is very special. They work with APS in several programs. They have been wonderful to work with concerning our unit. They had just done a seasonal checkup 4 weeks earlier and a condenser fan went out. I called and they were at our house in about an hour at the end of the day!! Had the parts, installed and had us up a running. Very customer oriented, prices reasonable and quick to help out in emergency. Keep up the good work. Your people are your asset. "
posted by Nativewoman at Kudzu
"First off we suffered for 3 months from the end of March to mid June without AC in Phoenix. We called out 2 other companies prior to getting a referral to Specialty Cooling and Heating. The first company sent a guy out and went up on the roof and came back down 5 minutes later and said that I needed a new system. I said that our finances did not allow for a new system at this time. He said that there was no way he could provide a sustained fix. The next day we called another company. They sent someone out 4 days later. He spent a good little while on the roof. He said that all it needed was a "Jump". A week later the AC was dead again. We suffered for a little more until a friend referred me to Specialty Cooling and Heating. I was on the phone with Daryl and said that he had a guy in the area and sent him over. A little while later the technician arrived, and I thought that he was just going to go up there and inspect the system. He went up and down, up and down, up and down. Finally I caught him on his way down and asked him how things we going. I was expecting really bad news, but he said that a valve was stuck open and he was fabricating a fix and he was almost done. After he was finished he came in and turned on the system and the AC was blowing ice cold. He said that should take care of the issue, but if there was any issue to give them a call and they will send someone right out. A year and a half later, the system is perfect. Thank you Specialty Cooling and Heating. "
posted by xJaredx at Kudzu

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