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HALF off a precision air conditioning tune-up!

HALF off a precision air conditioning tune-up!

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People love Atlanta weather, but let's face a fact: This place rewrote the book on summertime heat and humidity. And when the mercury starts to approach triple-digits -- and it will do that very soon -- we all seek relief indoors, at least until the sun goes down. But what happens when you set your A/C to 'comfy' and nothing comes out but room-temperature air? Panic sets in, that's what, because nobody wants to sleep in a room that's 85 degrees.

And of course, this will all happen on a Friday evening at 6 o'clock...right? Well, worry not, good citizen because with Today's Great Deal from Yukon Mechanical, you can treat your home's air conditioning system to a complete Tune-Up and it'll cost you only forty-five bucks! Yukon Mechanical's highly trained technicians will perform a tune up on your A/C system for 50% off their normal price!

Indeed, the professionals from Yukon Mechanical will come to your home on the appointed date and at the appointed time, and they'll give your air conditioning unit the complete once-over; they'll ensure that you're not overlooking something that will come back to haunt you when it's 102 degrees in the shade. Their 20-point A/C tune-up and inspection includes the following:

• Clean or replace standard filter
• Inspect inside cooling coil if accessible
• Inspect primary and secondary drains
• Inspect blower components
• Inspect and tighten all loose electrical connections
• Monitor air conditioner operating pressure for proper refrigerant charge
• Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors
• Inspect condenser coil for cleanliness
• Inspect thermostat & wiring
• Visually test all limit and safety controls
• Inspect all electrical connections
• Visually inspect all contactor contacts
• Check condenser fan/motor amp draw
• Check blower mtoor Amp draw
• Check compressor amp draw
• Check temp drop across evap coil
• Check for disconnect within 10' of unit
• Check suction line insulation
• Visually inspect s/a registers and r/a vents
• Check if AC unit and indoor blower shut off properly

So, do yourself a huge favor, and take advantage of Today's Great Deal. Get your home's air conditioning system inspected and tuned-up for only $45 -- a 50% savings on the regular price. Get this Great Deal today!

What You Need to Know About AC Maintenance:
• Neglecting your AC unit leads to poor performance and increased energy consumption. And regular maintenance is far less costly than repairs or a replacement.
• Without regular maintenance, an air conditioner looses about 5% of its original efficiency each year.
• An air-conditioning technician uses a high-pressure vacuum to clear the drain. It should be done yearly to avoid any backup that could cause mold growth in your air conditioner and water damage to ceilings and walls.
• If you’re doing any work on your AC unit yourself, make sure the power from the unit is disconnected first!

By appointment only. Call to schedule your appointment and mention this voucher. Appointments come on first-come-first-serve. Does not include repairs or freon. Coupon covers one system, limit one coupon per household; With the purchase of this voucher, Yukon will be offering a $35 discount on any additional tune-ups for any additional units

Yukon Mechanical
The service areas are Cobb County, Cherokee County and North Fulton
(770) 974-7045


  • Covers 1 system, may buy additional coupons for additional systems or as gifts
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • $45 for a 20 point Tune Up on A/C unit
  • Top-rated merchant on Kudzu

The Fine Print

$45 A/C Tune Up ($90 Value) Limit 1/unit/household. Call to schedule the appointment. Does not include freon or repairs. Yukon is offering a $35 discount on any add'l tune-ups for any add'l units.
Expires 8/27/13

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Best HVAC service hands down!

"I've used Bill's services for many years. He has put in 2 air conditioners for me. He repaired my two older furnaces multiple times, and just recently replaced my furnace when it finally died for good. He is exceptionally responsive and had my furnace replaced the day after it broke. He was very concerned for the well being of my family since I have a young son and it was going to get cold overnight. Pretty much every time I have a problem he is there to fix it the same day or the next if he has to order parts. And another big plus is he is very fair on pricing. I couldn't be happier with the work he has done for me over the years. "
posted by spreston4200 at Kudzu
"We have been having trouble with an air conditioner off and on for seveal years. A number of companies have looked at this unit and we allowed each of them to perform the work they recommended, the problem always returned. We recently used Yukon. Bill really know what he is doing, isolated the actual problem quickly and returned at the agreed time to effect the repair. I have no doubt the problem has finally been corrected. I recommend you use Bill and save yourself a lot of headaches. "
posted by Dgreene1946 at Kudzu
"I'm in the process of finishing my basement and needed an HVAC system. Bill quoted several different levels of systems at various budgets levels, and explained the differences between them all. He and his crew did an excellent install job at a fair price. The work was exceptional, and the job site was kept neat and clean at all times. I would definitely recommend using Yukon Mechanical. Pete, Acworth"
posted by pkandra at Kudzu

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