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Get a $10 Credit for Referring Friends!

Now you can save even more when you share with friends. Refer a Great Deal to your friends, and when they buy it, you'll receive a $10 credit toward your own Great Deal.

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Great Deal Referral Rules FAQ

Who can I refer?

You will receive a $10 credit toward a Great Deal when someone uses your unique URL link and makes their first purchase. This means, you will only receive credit if they are a new customer purchasing their first deal.

How do I refer someone?

You must be signed in to your account to refer someone. Once you are signed in, you must use your unique URL link in order to get a referral credit.

How long does my referral have to make their first purchase?

Referrals must make their purchase within 30 days of clicking your unique URL link in order for you to get the $10 credit.

What can I use my Great Deal credit for?

You can use your credit toward a future purchase of a Great Deal. Your credits are earned and spent in $10 increments, are used towards a single purchase, and are automatically deducted from the purchase price. If your total purchase for any Great Deal is less than $10, you will lose the remainder of your $10 credit. For instance, if you make a purchase worth $5 and have a $10 credit available, $10 will automatically be subtracted from your account (since it has to be spent in this increment). If you do not buy multiples of the Great Deal, you will lose the other $5. Please be mindful in these cases.

Your $10 credits are good for one year and have no real cash value.

Can I get credit if my referral doesn't use my link?

Deals purchased without using your unique URL link are not eligible for the referral credit.

One of my referrals purchased, but I didn't receive credit. What can I do?

There are many ways that a referral may not work — for example, if your friend clears their web browser cache, uses a different browser, or uses a different computer. We are not responsible for these circumstances, and cannot adjust your credits.

Referral credits are calculated automatically by the site when a new user purchases a Great Deal for the first time after using your unique referral link. Referrals must use your unique link for your account to be credited.