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Learn how tankless water heaters work and what to consider when deciding to go tankless.

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New heating & cooling systems can cost $15,000. Follow this rule of thumb and keep that money in your pocket.

Home security systems can vary greatly in price. Find cost ranges and what options to expect.

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Gas or electric? That might be an obvious question when deciding on a new oven or cooktop, but certainly not the only one you'll need to answer.

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That tiny faucet drip can waste lots of water -- and money. Find out how to fix and what it could cost.

You don't need to build an addition to organize a messy closet.

Pruning the hedges can be a gratifying chore, but trimming trees can be dangerous.

Learn about the types of generators and cost ranges for each.

There are indoor and outdoor systems, as well as basic and complex ones. How do you decide who to hire? See Part One of this home security series.

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Need to make some extra time on the weekends? Maybe it's time to hire a lawn service.

If you see a swarm of winged insects or find bubbled paint inside your home, you might want to call a pest professional fast.

Does water run over your gutters? They may need to be replaced.

The type of ventilation system you go with depends on the layout of your kitchen, local building codes and of course your design preference.

Granite? Laminate? Corian? Learn the advantages of each.

There's nothing like the sound and smell of a wood-burning fire. But, gas is nice, too. Learn what to consider when deciding between the two.

Cracks in brick, gaps in exterior doors & cracks in ceilings. Those are signs you might need to contact a foundation pro.

If you've had water in your basement, you know how destructive it is. You'll want some help finding the source of the problem and a pro who can fix it right away.

Watch this video to learn how you could save money on carpet cleaning and how to prepare your home before the cleaners arrive.

Bins, shelving, brackets and peg boards all help making getting organized easier.

Moving can be stressful enough without worrying about the safe transportation of your prize possessions.

Watch this video to learn about CFLs and potential cost savings vs. incandescent bulbs.

Watch this video to learn about your options for gates and estimated costs.

There's no better way to create a dramatic effect for the exterior of your home than with outdoor lighting.

If you choose the wrong grass for your lawn, then you could be creating more work and headaches for yourself in the future.

Consider the following tips when deciding on which fan to install in your space.

Even after deciding on color, you have plenty to consider before installing your new carpet.

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A Gas fireplace sure is nice to have. Learn which model works for your space.

If there is ever a time to call a pro, it's when you have electrical issues.

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With so many window treatment styles available, which do you choose? Watch this video to learn how to decide.
Jay Baker and Kevin Ging
Jay began as a carpenter and handyman before joining DIY Network's Emmy-nominated Warehouse Warriors. He also was the host for Back Yard Blowout and Move it Outside. Jay lives in Tennessee with his family.

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