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Thermador has been at the forefront of cooking technology for more than eleven decades, fusing innovative performance with classic design to satisfy the most demanding culinary enthusiasts. From introducing the first built-in wall oven over 50 years ago to redefining gas cooktops with our patented Star Burner, our innovations have helped to transform the kitchen from a mere workplace into the social and entertaining center of the modern American home. But we are not defined by innovation for innovation's sake. Our handcrafted appliances and their every feature and control are designed to make cooking easier, hotter, faster, cooler, better and more rewarding. For those who truly love to cook, there is only one true kitchen leader. Thermador.

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Thermador offers a complete range of cooking appliances from ranges to microwaves.
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Our powerful dishwashers are the perfect grand finale to any dinner party, delivering sparkling results.
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Meats, fresh fruit and vegetables are stored at the perfect temperature in our refrigerator and freezers.
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