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Specialty Doors

Wood-Mode's Specialty Doors are a beautiful blend of superior woods, color, glass & shapes.


  • Leaded Glass Border
  • Leaded Glass Bevel
  • Leaded Glass Diamond
  • Beveled Glass
  • Bow Front Door
  • Barcelona Raised Bow Front
  • Curved Concave Door
  • Curved Convex Door
  • Transitional
  • Eyebrow Door
  • Carved Country Accent Door
  • Speaker Fabric Door
  • Type I Mullion Traditional
  • Type II Contemporary Mullion
  • Mullion Glass Doors French Quarters
  • Mullion Glass Doors Country Accent
  • Gothic Mullion Pattern A
  • Gothic Mullion Pattern B
  • Gothic Mullion Pattern C
  • Triple 'X' Pattern Mullion
  • Laminate Inserts Laminate Dot
  • Laminate Inserts Brushed Laminate

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