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Professional Tree Trimming Company in Atlanta, Georgia

With nearly 15 years of experience and the expertise of certified arborists, this locally owned full-service tree company specializes in tree diagnosis, treatment, trimming and removal at reasonable prices.

Trees in every shape and form make a powerful statement in each landscape. Sturdy oaks, with years of wisdom, stand proudly and offer a quiet place to connect with nature. Elegant willows sway gracefully in the wind,.. reminding us to take time to sit and reflect on a nearby bench.

To maintain the health of your landscape, the professionals at 404-CUT-TREE will help you diagnose, treat, trim or remove diseased trees. This full-service tree company, established in 1999, is locally owned and committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Tree Care Expertise

With years of experience, 404-CUT-TREE employs certified arborists who are highly skilled. Some of the company's distinctions in Alpharetta tree care include the following:

- Diagnosis
- Removal
- Treatment
- Trimming

Certified Arborists

The certified arborists at 404-CUT-TREE, with accreditation from the International Society of Arboriculture, focus on maintaining the health of trees. They have the knowledge to make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment solutions. The experts at 404-CUT-TREE have identified several causes for stressed trees:

- Watering issues in either extreme
- Crowding from other trees, greenery or physical structures
- Incorrect planting
- Mechanical injury above and below ground
- Improper pruning

As a result, the pros at 404-CUT-TREE indicate that stressed trees show the following signs:

- Bacterial infections
- Fungal infections
- Insects
- Poor health and appearance

Tree Trimming and Removal Professionals

Homeowners know that trees need trimming but often don't have the knowledge to handle this step correctly. With the professionals at 404-CUT-TREE, each tree is pruned properly and carefully. These experienced tree experts in Alpharetta, Georgia, know how to select the right branches for trimming to achieve these results:

- Allow a clearer area under the tree
- Eliminate structural defects and decay
- Encourage fruit production
- Improve a view
- Make the tree more resistant to weather events
- Permit more sunshine in the yard

According to the pros at 404-CUT-Tree, the following are some of the more common defects, which pruning can help correct:

- Branch crossovers
- Broken, dead, diseased or deformed branches
- Co-dominant stems
- Crown too dense
- Excessive leaning over home
- Branches blocking a view
- Extra weight on the end of a branch
- Misshapen tree
- One branch too large in relation to the tree
- Storm damage
- Trees spaced too close together

Tree Pruning Tips

The certified arborists at 404-CUT-TREE have the training for proper tree pruning in Alpharetta, Georgia. They know the specific points to consider during each season. Here are some of their tips:

- Spring: Trim flowering trees shortly after the blossoms fall.
- Summer: Minimize pruning and limit to dead wood.
- Fall: Dead wood and smaller live cuts are acceptable.
- Winter: If larger cuts are needed, this time of year is ideal for pruning.

Reasons to Rely on Tree Experts

Many homeowners often tackle the dangerous job of tree cutting and removal. After serious consequences, they realize that these projects require the assistance of professionals.

Here are some reasons to rely on the tree experts at 404-CUT-TREE.

- Chainsaws are dangerous.
- Tree professionals have the proper equipment, such as tractors and cranes, for handling large and damaged trees.
- Tree work near power lines requires specific training because tree branches can conduct electricity.
- Trained crews know how to handle fallen trees in other emergency situations safely.

When you need a full-service tree trimming company and tree care operation in the Atlanta area, 404-CUT-TREE is the reliable one to call. With a long track record of satisfied customers, we save trees!



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Do you know if and when a tree needs to be removed? If you are like most people, you probably have a few ideas, but donít know for sure. Understanding when to remove a tree is important as old or...


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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Tanya S.

    Tanya S.

    They are a wonderful company
    Tanya S. (Posted to GuildQuality)

    They are a wonderful company and go above and beyond to ensure that the job is done exceptionally. This is my third time I've used them. Each time has been a wonderful experience.

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -  ConsumerConscious

    Reviews: 6

    Poor Communication Was the Ultimate Downfall
    ConsumerConscious (6 reviews)

    Jordan came out and gave me the impression that they could do all of the work with minimum impact. I scheduled the work and the crew showed up on time. Except Jordan didn't show up for another hour and a half. In that time the crew had trimmed much more than Jordan and I discussed leaving 4 oaks looking anemic. They also were pulling debris with their loader through the limbs of our Japanese maple. They also were dropping limbs all over our azaleas and left indentions in our grassy areas (Jordan specifically said they could fall all trunks sections in our pine straw areas). I took a lot of pictures and video of this work. When Jordan finally showed up I showed him the pictures and video. After that we went back outside to go back over the work yet to be done because I did not want them ruining the trees they had yet to trim in the front yard. After our talk Jordan left. The crew proceeded to again cut much more than we had agreed upon. They ruined our beautiful old oak by not only cutting many more limbs than discussed, but by breaking a major limb that they had to also remove. A few months later when the spring bloom was happening we noticed one of the three major trunks of our Japanese Maple was not leafing due to a major fracture in the trunk. I gave 404 2 stars because at least they did not drop any trees on our house. But the job oversight was non-existent and they ruined the look of our house. It will take ten years or more to get that growth back.

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    Project Details

    I went with 404 based on reviews from this site and others. Jordan came out to give me a quote. He was very knowledgeable and seemed to be taking down notes as we went along. I had two large trees that needed to come down. I also had about 15 small to medium trees to be removed. Then there were about 7 large trees that needed a few limbs removed. Of unique concern is an incredibly large, old oak that is the centerpiece of our front yard. It had several limbs that were growing out over the

    Area Roswell, GA

    Cost $3,000 - $4,999

    Date February 2016

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    404-Cut-Tree replied on 12/03/2016

    Your experience sounds terrible - almost like you used a different company from the other reviews on this page. I can't explain what you experienced other than to reiterate my offer to personally meet with you to try to understand your concerns and then to find a win-win solution. For the record, for all customers, we document the work we intend to do, then we do the work exactly as written. After we finish, the crew leader invites the customer to review the work so we can make any changes he requests. Finally, the next day we call every customer to make sure they are happy with our work. If there are any issues, we develop a solution and that customer's job is recorded on an issue list which is monitored by our management team until the customer is happy. At that point, we request payment. Hopefully by following this process, we hope to produce delighted customers who aren't neglected until they write a negative review 10 months after the job - which seems to be the case here. Again, if you'll have me and you are interested in a resolution, please contact me.
    Bob Delbridge, Owner

  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -  dbkoontz

    Reviews: 1

    Very pleased with results!
    dbkoontz (1 review)

    We had many mature trees and large bushes. Stuart Prince advised us on how to selectively remove a few trees and prune the rest in order to "raise the canopy" and thin out the branches to show the beauty of the trees and achieve a balanced landscape. The crew arrived on time, worked efficiently, and cleaned up. The stumps were ground the following day. The price was very fair based on other estimates. We plan to use them again. I was at home during the job and periodically checked on the crew and was available for questions; I would say that is a "must" with this type of work, to be sure you are satisfied with the end product.

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    Project Details

    Tree removal, tree pruning

    Area Norcross, GA

    Cost $1,000 - $2,999

    Date September 2016

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -  Modene

    Reviews: 2

    Best tree company!!!
    Modene (2 reviews)

    This is the best "tree company" in all of Georgia in my opinion!!! We have used them in our yard three times, our neighbors have also, and I have had them do work in our subdivision on two different occasions- yesterday was the second time. Juan and Sergio came, were right on time, had all the information exactly as it was to be done, and they were as friendly and pleasant as any two workers could be!! Holly Harrington, the Arborist who worked on our job, was also here to help with the job - everything was done exactly as was purposed, the grounds were cleaned up and looked much better then they did before they started!! I can't say enough positive things about this company!! And, to top that off, their prices are very reasonable and fair, and they are fully insured with liability and workmen's compensation.

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -  LindaFMc

    Reviews: 2

    Terrible Services
    LindaFMc (2 reviews)

    This company cut down one tree and removed above ground stump and roots. The stump service destroyed half the front yard when removing the stump and roots. When discussing my discontent with the work, I was told, sorry, by the project manager, Ben T., and received a bill for almost 1200.00. I paid the bill, however, received another bill a few months later for 900.00 for the same services. When I called to query the second bill, I was told it was an error. I was not given an explanation on why the second bill for the same services was lower than the one I paid. I would not recommend this company to anyone because of services and damage I received that I had to pay another company thousands to restore the damage.

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    Project Details

    Remove tree in front yard, along with stump and above ground roots.

    Area Roswell, GA

    Cost $1,000 - $2,999

    Date April 2015

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    404-Cut-Tree replied on 9/29/2016

    Linda, we did this job 18 months ago! I'm really glad you included the photos because this is actually pretty good work for a stump grinder. And you requested the roots be ground along with the stump and they covered half of your yard! Probably we could have done a better job of setting the right expectation. For this I'm sorry. The reason for the second invoice is that someone with the identical name who lives in Roswell hired us several months later. Our billing clerk just clicked on the wrong (identical) name. Has that ever happened to you?

  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -  lilinj

    Reviews: 8

    Terrible customer services
    lilinj (8 reviews)

    Terrible customer services. We were not happy with the services and trying to talk to customer services people to resolve it. Instead of finding a solution, the office manager started yelling and threatened to put a lien on the house. Now they are keeping sending me the invoice over and over and even adding on $250 Lien Record Fee. Unbelievable!!!!

    More »

    Project Details

    Area Atlanta, GA

    Cost $250 - $499

    Date August 2016

    Was this review helpful?

    (0) (0)

    404-Cut-Tree replied on 9/26/2016

    I'm very sorry you are unhappy with the work we performed recently. I understand you are requesting a meeting with our representative to discuss your concerns. Our people are unhappy because at your request we previously scheduled a meeting at your home which you missed. At your home, our arborist examined the work our crew performed and he states that the work was performed exactly the way it was specified. When we called you to explain, you became loudly argumentative, so we are reluctant to try to resolve this one on one with you.

    We cheerfully propose to go together to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to submit to their free mediation services. Even though I personally am satisfied that we performed the scope of work you hired us for, I will still extend the offer to go to the BBB with you.

    Our standard practice when a customer refuses to pay is we place a contractor's lien on their home as REQUIRED by law. You are incorrect about this. Please let me know via email if you wish to utilize the BBB's free service. I will agree in advance to credit back the lien charges if they agree with you; however, we will expect to be paid for our invoice plus the lien expenses if they agree with us.

  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -  ConniesGirls

    Reviews: 16

    Wow, great service
    ConniesGirls (16 reviews)

    I was very satisfied with Stewart, who came out to assess what needed to be done with the trees, and, the crew, Juan and Sergio, who were right on time on the scheduled day. I could not have asked for more knowledgeable people and better customer service. They were wonderful to work with, and, did a fantastic job with the trees. My yard was far cleaner after they left, then when they arrived. Thank you Stewart, Juan and Sergio. Great job and people!

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    Project Details

    Trimmed and removed trees in my backyard.

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - JUDY A.

    JUDY A.

    This is the second time
    JUDY A. (Posted to GuildQuality)

    This is the second time I've used them, and I would definitely use them again. I've had several estimates in the past and they are competitive with their prices. I can trust them to do a good job whether I'm home or not. Please thank the crew.

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Tom W.

    Tom W.

    404-CUT-TREE removed a 16 inch
    Tom W. (Posted to GuildQuality)

    404-CUT-TREE removed a 16 inch diameter limb from an enormous tree that shades the pool. The limb fell across the pool but was still attached to the trunk. Amazingly there was no damage to the pool or the patio around it. The limb was removed without any damage to pool building, patio or wood deck. The clean up was very thorough. Would definitely use 404-CUT-TREE again.

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - John T.

    John T.

    The employees went right to
    John T. (Posted to GuildQuality)

    The employees went right to work, approached the job professionally , and when completed, cleaned-up and left my yard cleaner than when they arrived.

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Juliette Z.

    Juliette Z.

    They are most understanding and
    Juliette Z. (Posted to GuildQuality)

    They are most understanding and experienced in retrieving cats that climbed up trees they couldn't get down from. And fast, too.

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Ted R.

    Ted R.

    I have used these folks
    Ted R. (Posted to GuildQuality)

    I have used these folks on several projects. On the last one, I asked for an arborist to provide advice and he was helpful and professional, as were the folks who did some tree removal.

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -  dunwoodyvet

    Reviews: 11

    Such Wonderful Professionals to Work With!!!
    dunwoodyvet (11 reviews)

    404-Cut-Tree did a superb job removing 2 large trees from a heavily wooded area behind my house! They had to cut across my backyard which has sodded grass and landscaping that we have spend lots of money on (my husband was so nervous it would be damaged). The crew took the utmost care laying plywood and carefully maneuvering around with the machinery. We couldn't even tell they had put heavy equipment across it all day! Even my husband commented that the backyard looked cleaner than it did before they started. There was a debris pile that they removed without us asking, and they were very communicative throughout the entire process. We couldn't be happier with 404-Cut-Tree's work. We highly recommend them! I never dreamed that a job could have gone this smoothly or looked this great afterwards!

    More »

    Project Details

    Area Dunwoody, GA

    Date April 2016

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -  davidlexington

    Reviews: 2

    thank you!!
    davidlexington (2 reviews)

    Called 404-Cut Tree to have someone come out to check out some of our mature trees. Bob Dellbridge came to our house. Together we took a tour of the trees in our yard. Bob gave me a very detailed status report. The bottom line: We did not need to have any trees removed. This is after one of his competitors told me that we had a yard full of bad tree.

    More »

    Was this review helpful?

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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Sam R.

    Sam R.

    Of the three Tree Service
    Sam R. (Posted to GuildQuality)

    Of the three Tree Service companies I called 404-CUT-TREE was the only one that 1. replied 2. Made it to the scheduled appointment 3. Communicated effectively which help me gauge my expectations and better schedule other work I was having done on my property. Well done to ALL staff and crew who took care of us.

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2012, 2013, 2014


Three Certified Arborists on staff. Corporate member of Georgia Arborists Association. Member of International Society of Arboriculture. Member of Tree Care Industry (formerly known as The National Arborists Association.) Winner of prestigious Angie's List Super Service Award for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013.

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We recycle 100% of all the trees we prune and cut. All the tree trimmings are processed and sold wholesale as mulch.

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Common Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Do you know if and when a tree needs to be removed? If you are like most people, you probably have a few ideas, but donít know for sure. Understanding when to remove a tree is important as old or damaged trees can be dangerous and lead to expensive...


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  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Look for us around town!
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - The 404-CUT-TREE Team
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Use of labor-saving technology.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Nothing goes to waste - wood chipper turns wood into mulch.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Close up view of the wood chipper in action.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Our yellow chip trucks are able to chip an 18
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Crews clean up after a job. Note warning sign, safety cones and crews wearing hard hats.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Our goal is to provide quality service at competitive prices.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - We guarantee customer satisfaction & make sure that we leave your property clean & free of debris.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - 404-CUT-TREE
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - A squared-away tree worker.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Don't wait for an ice storm to prune your trees.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Our staff includes professional tree climbers.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - We aren't risk takers. We preach & practice steady, intentional work actions.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - Before Detention Pond Cleanout
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - After Detention Pond Cleanout
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - We Cut Trees. Not Corners.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - We comply with all regulations, including Federal safety standards, county & city tree ordinances.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - We don't use spikes for climbing unless taking down the tree. Spiking permanently damages the tree.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA - We offer Tree Removal, Tree Fertilization, Pruning and Trimming.
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -
  • 404-Cut-Tree - Norcross, GA -

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Common Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Do you know if and when a tree needs to be removed? If you are like most people, you probably have a few ideas, but donít know for sure. Understanding when to remove a tree is important as old or damaged trees can be dangerous and lead to expensive (and deadly) problems. At 404-Cut-Tree, we have compiled a list of the most common signs that you need professional tree removal in Atlanta....

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