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    Cabinet Repair and 3-Room Trim Out
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    John Duncan took eleven weeks (10/27/12 to 12/15/12) to finish a three-day job. Calls not returned for five+ days. John was aggressive, demanding, and used excessively vulgar language towards me and others. John was a no-call-no-show (11/18/12) and cancelled twice at last minute (11/20/12 & 11/26/12.) My ignored phone calls and John's scheduling delays made our kitchen unusable, without plumbing or a stove, for an extra five weeks--John told us to just wash our dirty dishes in the bathroom. John was 30 minutes late and threatened to walk off the job (12/15/12) unless multiple unreasonable demands were met; these demands were outside an approved contract. John did not cleanup work area. John left kitchen, under counter, and all pots & pans covered with debris and sawdust. Thank goodness this eleven-week Believer's Woodworks nightmare is done! John has great carpenter skills, but our experience was disastrous. I do not recommend Believer's Woodworks. I could never hire John again. BBB complaint case # 37094385 filed. Case detail available upon request:

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    Believer's Woodworks replied on 1/12/2013

    This has been one of the most difficult clients I have ever dealt with. The entire process was frustrating. He frequently ignored instructions and details I would provide to him about the project and I honestly believe he might have ADD. His complaint contains a mixture of facts, fiction and exaggerations.

    To begin with, there are only seven (7) weeks between 10/27/12 and 12/15/12, not eleven weeks as he claims. That is the first of many exaggerations. When we met to sign the contract for the work in his kitchen, he was made aware that I have a busy schedule and that I could in fact complete his job in two trips, but that the actual work would not begin for two weeks.

    During the remaining weeks, my schedule was packed and the client was unavailable for periods of time due to the Thanksgiving holiday and while visiting relatives. On two occasions, I had full days that became available where I could come to complete the work, yet those were not suitable for him.

    Yes, there were times where I had to cancel at the last minute and there were a few times when I did not immediately return his calls. He had been made aware more than once that I do not use email - all emails are handled by my wife - and although I read texts, I do not send texts to anyone. However, he insisted on using email to send me messages.

    I told him that I could finish all of the contracted work in one full day if he would make up his mind about the kitchen. It took him 2-3 weeks to make the decision NOT to do the kitchen cabinets. I became frustrated, because I had been to his house 5 or 6 times, doing additional work in order to be ready for his new kitchen. That is when I told him that I was charging for his additional work, which was a minimal labor charge at that.

    He left me a voicemail saying, " - I talked to my insurance agent and I will be able to pay you for your additional work. I just need you to email me your estimates." He also sent an email on 12/6/12 requesting the documents, which were sent to him on 12/8/12, one week before the completion date. He may not have signed the documents in person, but by requesting them and submitting them to his insurance, I'd consider that an approval.

    On the last day, I told him I was not completing his job unless I received payment in full when I finished. His response was that he couldn't pay me until he got paid by his insurance company. (Unless I'm dealing directly with the Ins. Co., it is the client's burden to pay me and then wait for the insurance company to reimburse them.) We agreed he would pay me and I finished his job within a few hours.

    He also asked for my receipts from materials I purchased for the completion of the project so that he could submit them to his insurance company for reimbursement. He was never billed for those in any contract. I told him he could have the receipts if he wrote me a check to be reimbursed for them, which he refused.

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