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Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA - Best Of 2014 - Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA - Best Of 2014 -


  • Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA -  Arvankirk2112

    Reviews: 1

    Atrocious Management
    Arvankirk2112 (1 review)

    We boarded our dogs there for what was supposed to be10 days for a trip to Europe. Unfortunately my wife and son made the flight but I did not. After another attempt the following day I finally resigned myself to let them enjoy the trip and I would stay home. On day 3 I called Mimi's and informed them that I did not make the flights and would be coming to pick them up later that afternoon. Upon picking them up I was given their things and thanked for using their facility. When I asked about a partial refund I was told I would have to talk to the owner (Mimi). I contacted her via email the following day to explain what happened and to see how much of my near $1,000 I would be getting back. She informed me that should would send me a check for $30.00 for the brush out service... I'm sorry what? They stayed less than 48 hours and you want $1,000? This woman is an atrocious small business owner and a discredit to the field. She has the reputation of being cold and calculating and now we've seen it first hand. Stay as far away from this place as possible!!!

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    Project Details

    Area Peachtree City, GA

    Cost $500 - $999

    Date May 2017

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    Camp Mimi Pet Resort replied on 6/01/2017

    This client booked a Memorial Day Reservation for 2 dogs a month prior to Memorial Day. The family filled out an application for both dogs which has our cancellation policy clearly stated in bold, and they initialed next to it. When the clients came in for their initial visit we gave them a print out of the cancellation policy and read it to them personally. The clients initialed the print out, signed the policy brochure and paid their deposit. At this time we reserved 2 of our 20 accommodations for this client's dogs. The client checked in on the Wednesday prior to Memorial Day. The client called on Friday, 3 days into his reservation and came to pick up his dogs late that afternoon as we were closing for the Memorial Day weekend. He had decided not to go on his vacation. We had a wait-list of clients that would have loved to be here, however by Friday the clients on the wait-list had found other accommodations and we were unable to re-book those two spots. We did refund the add-on services that we did not perform, due to the early pick-up, however the boarding fees were non refundable as clearly stated in our policies.

  • Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA -  BostonRedSox

    Reviews: 1

    Trying to save face!
    BostonRedSox (1 review)

    I just wanted to inform everyone that camp mimi do NOT notify the GA dept of labor, they were reported!Just goes to show how far they will go to be deceptive and dishonest. They forced them to pay and still they only paid the employee $5.15/hr. Any reputable company knows that $5.15 has not been the min wadge for years and if Fed is higher you must go by the higher amount. All things to consider when trusting someone to watch your pet. If they are so dishonest about this stuff why would we believe anything they say!?

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    Camp Mimi Pet Resort replied on 9/11/2014

    We had spoken with the Georgia Department of Labor and a legal source to confirm what hourly amount was to be paid for a working interview. Both sources confirmed that we needed to pay the State of Georgia minimum wage. We looked up this information and it showed $5.15 per hour. Upon the above allegation we contacted the US Department of Labor and Wage Division and they advised that we had not paid the correct amount. We apologize for the unintentional error, and we have already mailed a check for the $8.40 that was underpaid.

  • Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA -  kudzuuer

    Reviews: 1

    Wonderful Dream Heaven For Your Best Friend!
    kudzuuer (1 review)

    I happened to actually work at Camp Mimi! My name is Sarah and I worked at Camp Mimi for two and a half years. The employees are very well taken care of! I loved it so much. Mimi is an amazing boss and friend. Ask any cliet! The dogs are our TOP priority we love each and every one of them. We know all of their personalities and what each one likes. So we walk around for a couple of hours to make sure your best friend gets their energy out. We take them to the pool and let them swim! We take videos of your dog playing, resting and swimming. Feel free to call and schedule a tour! Get a peek at how much your dog will love playing and making new friends! The owners love dropping their pups off, trusting and knowing that they will be well taken care of! I loved working a Camp Mimi and I love the boss and the dogs so much! It is truly a doggy dream land!

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  • Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA -  PupLuver

    Reviews: 2

    PupLuver (2 reviews)

    Camp Mimi is by far the best place to take your pup! It is located on a huge fenced in property and your dogs get all of it! They go out in the morning and play with their friends until the afternoon! Oh and get this...they have their own dog boned shaped swimming pool!! Talk about some spoiled pups! I have been taking buddy to Camp for FOUR years and I am friends with the employees and they are so happy that they have their dream job! They love being fit and walking around with the dogs! Who wouldn't want to play with pups all day and call it a job?? Also, the dogs are outside most of the day, ensuring that they are playing and having a great time. When I brought Buddy, I talked to Mimi about if the dogs can rest and she said that the dogs will lay down and rest in the shade and water buckets if they want. And I have seen pictures of buddy all in the dirt rolling around and resting after! (It's ok, he comes home clean!) Lol. :) I love seeing the pictures and videos of the dogs! Needless to say, my buddy loves Camp Mimi so much and he has loved it since day one!

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  • Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA -  Seeyourdream

    Reviews: 3

    They love big dogs!
    Seeyourdream (3 reviews)

    We love Camp Mimi as do our dogs! They are so sad when we pick them up because they have fun all day long!

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  • Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA -  McIntoshHSMB

    Reviews: 199

    Special place to take your pup
    McIntoshHSMB (199 reviews)

    This facility has got charm and extras, such as a bone shaped pool and a lot of outdoor space for your pup to play. Too bad it is out of the way and the hours makes it difficult to drop off early before work or pick up late from work or a trip from the Atlanta airport. The staff are very interactive. Also would like to be able to watch what my dog was doing via a computer link.

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  • Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA -  Dunbarton

    Reviews: 2

    Love Camp Mimi
    Dunbarton (2 reviews)

    Camp Mimi is one of the few companies I have ever done business with that has completely exceeded my expectations. How refreshing in today's business climate of "cut corners here" , "screw the customer there" and "overcharge and underperform". Mimi's facility and commitment to animals is second to none. The first time I visited camp Mimi I was in Awe. I jokingly told Mimi, the owner, " to hell with the dogs, I'm checking in and let me book a massage appointment before they fill up." I highly recommend Camp Mimi.

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  • Camp Mimi Pet Resort - Senoia, GA -  twodogmom

    Reviews: 1

    Only Place for My Pups
    twodogmom (1 review)

    Whether my pups are there for a day of fun or two weeks while we're vacationing they absolutely love Camp Mimi. Mimi, Tom and Judy take wonderful care of the dogs. My dogs swim in the bone shaped swimming pool in the summer, play on the agility equipment and just hang out with their friends. I love that all of the dogs are tested for their temperment and that I have the piece of mind that they are around other well behaved dogs. Camp Mimi is a safe, fun and loving environment for my pets when I must be out of town. They are the best!

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