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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by IntergitySucks at Citysearch

    by IntergitySucks at Citysearch

    by IntergitySucks at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    These people are horrible. I would tell my story, but I am still dealin with the horrible service, I wouldn't want them to read it, and treat me worst. that would be possible.... As soon as you sign, your done to them. No help, no calls back. They don't answer to any honest bosses or nothing. You have a complaint, there is no one to here it, just the person (the salesman) that you have the complaint with.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV -  kat1892

    Reviews: 1

    AVOID at all costs
    kat1892 (1 review)

    I bought 2 brand new jeeps from this dealership and have had nothing but problems from start to finish!! I've taken my car 8x's to have the same problem fixed for them to just throw parts at it for a temporary fix. Everyone there is rude and don't know the first thing about customer service!

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by beccaboo27 at Citysearch

    by beccaboo27 at Citysearch

    Best Dealership in Vegas
    by beccaboo27 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Very smooth transaction, great salesman (Aaron, I believe), and my financing was a breeze thanks to Odis! Keep up the good work! I'll keep sending my friends! RR

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by volcomgirl76 at Citysearch

    by volcomgirl76 at Citysearch

    Love getting a new car!
    by volcomgirl76 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I purchased a super cute car from Nick (Caro / Carrrow?) recently and I love my new car! I feel like I got the lowest payment possible and so I""m happy with my purchase! It was a much faster process than I thought and I liked Nick's attitude. He was very ""to the point"" with me and so I knew what was going on the entire time.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by fastdriver1234 at Citysearch

    by fastdriver1234 at Citysearch

    Best Deal!
    by fastdriver1234 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    The man who sold me my car was Nick Caro from the internet team. I thought he was very professional, quick, and honest. I felt like I got a great deal and I am very pleased with the transaction. I love my new car and will be recommending my friends and family to Nick upon purchasing their next cars.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by VEGASGUY7 at Citysearch

    by VEGASGUY7 at Citysearch

    by VEGASGUY7 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)


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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by kevingrant at Citysearch

    by kevingrant at Citysearch

    Integrity is 1st Class
    by kevingrant at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Integrity Chrysler Internet team is the most professional sales force in the nation. If you want the best buying experience possible....get down to Integrity Chrysler

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by jasonprindl at Citysearch

    by jasonprindl at Citysearch

    Integrity/ Best car buying experience
    by jasonprindl at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I just wanted to thank the whole team at Integrity for treating me and my wife professionally through the whole buying experience. We would also like to thank our salesperson Aaron Kuehl and his assistant Jason for handling all of our questions and safety concerns about the Jeep we were buying.\r\rWe would recommend Integrity and Aaron Kuehl to anyone looking to buy a car and have already told all our friends and family about them.\r\rWe'll be back in a few years to buy our next car from them again.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by autoshopper at Citysearch

    by autoshopper at Citysearch

    Great Job
    by autoshopper at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I recently went to Integrity and they sold me a new srt8 300 a few hundred over invoice. Then were the only dealer in the valley to send me a complete quote be for bothering me on the phone. I like that they did what I asked when i asked. Once the deal was done I went in and picked up the car. We test drove it and the payment was the same as the told me on the phone. After they scheduled my first service online and it reminded me I had service due and when I missed my appointment the program asked me to rescedule WOW. Its a great place to get a car I have never seen a store so large and clean.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by emopupp at Citysearch

    by emopupp at Citysearch

    Run far and fast from this dealer
    by emopupp at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    After purchasing our car, the first thing that went wrong is they sent us home without a temporary plate. We had to go back in to get it. We were promised a detailing, BUT we couldn't get it until we got our green slip. We called several times after the first week, to inquire about it (they said it would take 10-14 days) and almost every time they had overlooked something on the financing and we had to go back in to deal with it. It took almost the full 30 days to finally getus the green slip and we had to go in to get it. I think with four or five glitches, admittedly not all their fault, but I've got great credit and my own credit union was financing, they only contacted US once. The car had a transmission problem from the get go and we got an appointment to take it in. It took until two days after that for them to look at it.During this time we were offered a rental car by the service manager at no charge to us except tax. We told them we were leaving town with the car at the end of the week. We were moving and leaving the car in our new state. Towards the end of the week after several calls to them to make sure they were on time, they said it could be the beginning of the next week before it was ready. We told them that was completely unacceptable. The did finally get the car back to us a day late. we asked about getting the detailing while it was in the shop and were told they would try. Never happened. We never did get that 'worth 1000.00' detailing. Now to top it off, three months later we get a charge for the rental car. When I called to resolve it I was met with your warranty doesn't cover that. Whether it did or didn' t wasn't the point. THEIR service manager offered it to us, we didn't ask. We have our receipt that says 0.00 charge for rental on our invoice. After several calls, I'm basically told we lied, and she can't do anything about it. It's now in dispute with our credit card company.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV -  jesicat

    Reviews: 7

    jesicat (7 reviews)

    I went in twice to buy a new car and both times I had terrible service. The first time we had just gone in for a test drive and the guy was pressuring us to look at a Dodge Ram. We were only interested in a Jeep. What the heck! We went back since it is so close to the house and got a different guy. We started talking prices and they pretty much told me to screw off because the numbers couldn't get where we wanted them to be. (I also overheard him talking about another "sucker" waiting for him)Too bad...I am having a great time in the NEW JEEP I BOUGHT FROM DESERT FOR THE RIGHT PRICE! They said it couldn't be done at "Integrity" yeah...right BTW This was all from "Internet Sales Dep" GRRRRRRRRR...

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by jlynn908 at Citysearch

    by jlynn908 at Citysearch

    keep driving
    by jlynn908 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    i had a horrible experience there. they promised me one rate just to get me to close the deal but when the paperwork was drawn up the rate had changed, of course in there favor, very shady business practice. i was told it would be taken care of but i had to keep calling. they totally gave me the run around, passing me back and forth to each other both saying the other one could help me but neither did, nor did they try. ""Integrity"" is definitely not the name they earned.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV - by tim25 at Citysearch

    by tim25 at Citysearch

    Not recommended
    by tim25 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    First they claim to have no haggle pricing, which at least for used cars is blatantly untrue, so if you're buying a used car and you read it on their website that they don't haggle or they start acting like that is the case you can completely disregard it; they will haggle. As I bought used, I don't know if they abide by that policy for new cars. Also they may say let's take a look at Autotrader to show you how their car is ""competitvely priced"", but the pricing on autorader is all over the map, you might see the same car for $8,000 and somewhere else for $15,000. Besides they leave so much flexibility in the pricing because you have the base price of the car but then they add on Reconditioning, doc fees, VTR, dpp, etc. It's no surprise that dealer's have a lot of tricks up their sleeves so it's nothing new I guess, just be forewarned.\r\rI had my own pre-approved financing coming into the dealership and all the talk leading up to the completion of the sale was that I was financing through my bank. Come to find out they had switched finance companies totally behind my back. I found that very unsavory. All I can say is stay very alert during the flood of paperwork during the final financing part of the sale.\r\rI will say that I didn't feel overly pressured during the sale, but that's probably because I was paying too much.\r\rAt the time of this writing, the company has an unsatisfactory rating with the Las Vegas bettr business bureu, so keep that it mind despite the fancy show room and ""five-star"" rating.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV -  smb1lv

    Reviews: 2

    Avoid at all Costs
    smb1lv (2 reviews)

    Avoid at all costs. I've been there multiple times and will never go back. They keep your car forever and make stupid mistakes. I wonder if they know their products at all. Take your business elsewhere.

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  • Integrity Chrysler - Las Vegas, NV -  lucky2bmeinnv

    Reviews: 16

    NO integrity at all !!! do not go here!
    lucky2bmeinnv (16 reviews)

    the finance manager, SAM was a shark looking bait. he lied to us 2x during our transaction, making false promises to make us not cancel the deal. i highly recommend do not go there, please purchase some where else!

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