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You May be Eligible to Increase Your Social Security Check
by Up to $500 Per Month ? Along with Eliminating or
Reducing Your Taxes on Social Security Income

We at Las Vegas Retirement Savings know well over 50% of all retirees are not getting their full Social Security income benefits they qualify for due to mistakes in calculations and application errors.

Thousands of dollars are lost to retirees in their retirement years due to these.. mistakes.

Occasionally, earning amounts are wrong because an employer did not correctly report earnings or earnings are credited to the wrong person.

Over ?One Billion Dollars? in Social Security benefits will not be paid this year due to commonly made mistakes.

Americans have been left to fight for themselves when it comes to getting all of their Social Security Income and retirement benefits they worked years for.

More than 25% of Social Security benefits that are underpaid are due to mistakes in their earnings record. This can be changed to increase Social Security retirement savings each month, for the rest of your life.

The Social Security Administration will send you a statement with an estimate of your monthly benefits as well as a summary of your earnings record. This is based upon your Summary Earnings Query to show your retirement savings account.

The good news is, with a little more information, you can make sure you?re not underpaid and can be confident you?re getting all that you deserve from this benefit you?ve earned through decades of hard work.

?You?ll be getting Social Security checks for the rest of your life? why not make sure your getting the correct amount every month!

To protect yourself against being underpaid, you should complete a copy of your ?Detailed Earnings Query? form. You will then receive a report that breaks down what your employers reported for your income each year you paid in to Social Security.

The report you get back will help review and verify what your past employers reported to SSA for your income. This gives you the opportunity to take control and report any discrepancies with your W-2s, pay stubs, or other income records.

This could result in a increase of your Social Security monthly payout. One out of four people do get an increase. That?s good odds when were talking thousands of dollars lost in potential mistakes that can be found and recovered!

Many can increase their monthly benefits by over $200 per individual, $500 per couple, and $400 per surviving spouse. Las Vegas Retirement Savings can help you with this.

You may be eligible to increase your monthly Social Security check by up to $500 per month or more using one simple form to verify you are receiving the right payment amount.

To get instant access to this form? ?Detailed Earnings Query? - simply go to to get the form right now!

Whatever you decide here today? please do not play a ?guessing game? with your Social Security Income. The decisions you make now will affect your income for the rest of your life.

In Addition, many Individuals Receiving Social Security Retirement Savings May Be Eligible to:

Reduce or eliminate taxes on Social Security income.
Reduce taxes on your CD or Savings Account income.
Qualify for higher interest rates on CDs or Savings Accounts.
Receive up to 90% TAX-FREE monthly income payments for life.

Many people are shocked and even angered to learn that their Social Security income can be taxed?after all, they already earned it by paying taxes. To minimize or stop these taxes, it?s important to know about ?Provisional Income? and how it effects the taxes you are forced to pay.

The IRS uses your ?Provisional Income? to determine whether or not you owe taxes on your Social Security income. In some cases, as much as 85% of your Social Security benefits may be taxable.

Our FREE booklet? ?Stop or Reduce Taxes on Your Social Security Income? guide will uncover what you need to know about ?Provisional Income? and how you can reduce or eliminate these unnecessary taxes.

Having more income is good. Reporting less of it to the IRS is even better. What if you could do both legally and without risk?

To get instant access to a ?Detailed Earnings Query? form along with ?Stop or Reduce Taxes on Your Social Security Income? guide? simply go to for instant access and get both items right now!

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