Tips for Moving: Easily Reinstall Your Alarm System

reinstall alarm system

Are you thinking about moving any time soon? If so, we have a good tip for helping the move go a bit smoother. For those that have wisely invested in good alarm systems, it is important to know how to remove those items so that you can reinstall the system in your new home. Here at Protection Concepts, we make sure that all the systems we install can stay with the original owner. The following is a list of simple steps to follow.

Shut Off the Device

Before you can safely move your system, you will need to shut it off. Most devices will have a main switch or button, and others will require a code. If you get confused, call the company that installed your alarm system for assistance.

Remove the Hardware

Take down all of the hardware. You will need all of the sensors, alarms, and wires in order to make it work in the new property.

Put It All in Original Packaging

This tip is given so that you will know whether or not you have everything you need. If there are empty spaces in the original packaging, then you know you have forgotten something. This will also help you protect the equipment.

DIY or Call for Installation

You can install this system on your own if you already know what you're doing or have access to the installation instructions, or companies such as ours can either set up an appointment to come set it up for you or guide you through the process on the phone.

Posted on: 10/20/2015