5 Tips for Improving Your Home Security

home security system

Today, there is no such thing as a neighborhood that is totally safe. That includes Roswell, Georgia. As a result, everyone needs to be concerned about home security.

Here are 5 simple steps recommended by Protection Concepts that you can take to help protect your home against burglary and other threats.

Upgrade Your Locks

Start by making sure every exterior door has a secure deadbolt mechanism. Have the locked rekeyed, especially if other people lived in the house prior to you. If you want to go keyless, today there are other options including electronic combination locks where you type in a number on a keypad.

Get a Home Security System

Just knowing you have a home security system will deter many potential burglars from trying to get into your home. They will bypass you and look for an easier and safer target. Once you have a system, make sure everyone in the house knows how it works and uses it all the time.

Improve Your Exterior Lighting

Bad guys like the dark for obvious reasons. Make sure there are good lights with motion sensors at all your home entrances. Keep trees and shrubs pruned back from those areas so they do not provide obvious hiding places.

Make Ground Floor Windows Secure

Windows are a common point of entry for thieves. If your windows are equipped with locks, make sure they work properly. Repair any that are broken. Insert metal or wooden bars as stops in the tracks of sliding windows and doors.

Don't Leave a Key in an Obvious Location

Many people leave a key near a door in case someone needs access to the house. Burglars know this and if they want to get in, they can quickly search obvious locations like mailboxes, under mats, inside or under doorway decorations, above door jambs, etc. If you must leave an outside key, hide it well away from the door in a spot no one would think to look.

Posted on: 11/23/2015