How Do Home Security Cameras Work?

home security cameras

Safety is a huge issue in today's world. As crime seems to increase, it is a good idea to protect home and family with a reliable home security system. One important aspect of great home security in Roswell, GA, is a security camera system like those found at Protection Concepts.

For homeowners looking to install one of these systems or just learn more about them, we'd like to share some useful information about how they work.

The Control Panel

When a company comes to install a security system, chances are they will be hard-wiring the system into the home. The entire system depends on the quality of the control panel. This panel is the brains of the home security operation and is responsible for receiving and interpreting all of the data coming from door and window alarms, motion sensors, and the security cameras. The control panel will also be the part of the system that notifies emergency personnel of a problem.

Wired or Wireless?

Home owners generally have two choices when it comes to security cameras: wired or wireless. Wired cameras are certainly the more reliable and secure of the two types. Due to the fact that these cameras rely on actual cables that are run through the home, owners don't have to worry about losing wireless signals, running out of battery power, or the cameras getting hacked. Wireless cameras, on the other hand, are quicker and easier to install.

Recording the Images

With both types of cameras, a DVR is what is responsible for recording the images captured by the cameras. After the camera captures the images, it broadcasts them to whatever screen the homeowner has designated. Modern cameras can play their images over the Internet, making it easy to keep tabs on property anywhere in the world.

Posted on: 6/12/2015