Summer Safety & Security Tips

summer security system tips

Summer is a time when homes are often broken into. When you go away on your summer vacation or simply leave your windows open to let in the fresh air, some people see that as an opportunity. You will need to be especially proactive during this time to keep your home and family safe. Get started with the following safety tips.

Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

If you will be leaving your home to go on vacation, you can take some precautions to protect it. Do not tell anyone but your closest friends and family that you are going to be gone. Posting about your vacation on social media or telling everyone in the neighborhood is just an invitation to anyone who wants to take advantage of your absence.

You can also give the physical appearance that you are home when you are not by putting the lights in your house on a timer so they turn on for a while at night. Yes, you will need to pay for that electricity, but is it worth it to keep your home from being visibly dark for a long time, which tells everyone around that you are not home.

Also, do not stop your newspaper or mail delivery. Although this may be convenient, it's a sign to anyone watching your house that you are gone. Instead, ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your paper and mail daily, just as you would, so that everything seems "normal."

It is also worthwhile to invest in one of the many great alarm systems available for your home. Companies like Protection Concepts will install a system that provides exactly what you need.

Today's technology is amazing- you can automate your home, install cameras and sensors, and have a system that automatically reports to the police when there is a problem. You will feel much safer, whether you are at home or away, with a good security system.

Posted on: 7/29/2015