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Come on Monday's at 7pm - 9:30 and Thursdays at 7pm to 8:30pm and you will learn about our System on Monday night from key people, executives, and milionaires about our system. On Thursday nights, you will learn about our Active Plan B event that can build your finances, protect you and your family and more... as my guest, its free for you to get in. Come and meet me there. Disclaimer, I an not a lawyer, I am an independent associate for a New York Stock Exchange company that's been around for.. over 30 years. Come see what we are all about and help your community at the same time.
What is Your Active Plan B For Your Financial Future?

What is your active plan B for financial success?
Every company, every family, and every individual needs an active plan B strategy for their financial well-being. If you are not already wealthy then you need an active financial plan B strategy. I do not care what you are doing, in terms of the industry you are in; you need to have an active plan B strategy to reach your financial goals. What is an active plan B strategy you may be asking yourself at this moment? Read on and learn what an active plan B strategy is and why you need one for your financial future.

Would you agree that today’s average family needs more than two incomes to run a household, raise a family, to live comfortably, and spend quality time with their love ones? You may be willing to disagree with me here if you are thinking along the lines of family (A) who brings home a yearly salary of $250,000 and family (B) who brings home a yearly salary of $150,000. Initially, one can say that these two families can live quite comfortably with the income they bring in yearly. However, in today’s economy, a family that have to budget well in order to live comfortably-- then their two income home (family) is not living comfortably or as comfortably as they can be. Living without financial worries and having time freedom to spend quality time with their love ones.

With today’s economy, every family or household needs an active financial plan B to secure his or her financial future. Currently, many middle class families that have a plan B are probably into saving and investing which are good by the way but they are not active plan B systems (strategy = system). Well, saving and investing are active in the since that you are actively saving and investing your income. However, you have to do this over a long haul to reap the financial rewards. The financial rewards need to be more relevant to that family’s current financial situation. The extra income needs to be forth coming now, today, and who knows how long they will have to receive the rewards of saving and investing. Thus, saving and investing are not active plan B financial strategies. The faster the financial reward the more active your plan B system is. Do you get the picture now? If you are saving and investing for your financial future, I urge you to begin your active financial plan B system now and start reaping quicker financial rewards. Do this for yourself, your family, and your friends.

How does one begin an active financial plan B system? To answer this, you do not have to know how to start an active financial plan B system. All you have to do is get invited to one of the many briefings that is happening in nearly every city and state in the U. S. At this briefing, you will get to see how you can join others who are beginning their own active financial plan B system, growing their income daily, and helping others. In Orlando, Florida, our briefing held every Thursday at 7 pm (registration) and the briefing begins at 7:30 pm. The dress code is business/casual attire. If you are interested in finding one in your city/state, you can call Kelvin at (407) 591-2319 or email me at with the subject as “Briefing in my State/City” and I will invite you as my personal guest to the weekly event. You can print out the email to take to the event.


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