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Songsculptor provides Unique, Innovative Original Music for serious and aspiring lyricists. I AM NOT a so-called "music mill". Each melody and chord progression that I compose is fashioned to bring out the very best of your lyrics potential. I am an Award Winning Composer and I take my music writing very seriously. I DO NOT charge any fee for composing music to your lyrics, and will also provide you ABSOLUTELY FREE an MP3 and/or MIDI file of the song melody/music (5 piece Band.. Arrangement) for you to listen to before taking your song to the next level “a Professional Full Band/Vocal C.D. Production”. OR > if you have a melody in your head for your lyrics but do not have the expertise to turn your Words and Melody into a Professional Song Production you can provide me with your own melody on a Tape, CD or MP3 file and I will tweak your melody, and turn your Words and Music into a terrific Radio-Ready Professional Song Production. Why Songsculptor Does NOT charge to write music to your lyrics? Once again > I am not a music mill. By not charging you a composing fee I maintain a 50 percent interest in the material. By having an interest in the material it assures that I will always write the best music I can to each and every lyric. Bottom Line > I want it to succeed just as much as you! However there is one stipulation: The final Professional Full Band/Vocal C.D. Production must be recorded by Songsculptor. Why you ask? Think of it this way! If I collaborate with you on a song, who's going to pay for the final Professional Demo? If you use another recording studio and ask me to split the costs, then I will have actually PAID to collaborate with you. Plus > the other studio will undoubtedly charge an exorbitant studio rate, and probably won't do as good a job on production as I will do, as they will have no personal interest in the material. Please Note: I have spent my whole working life as a Professional Studio Musician, Record Producer and Songwriter. I take it very seriously. You will be asked to contribute a very nominal amount towards the Producing, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering of your C.D. Song Package. Our C.D. Song Packages start at only $100. "Professional Song Productions of this caliber" can easily cost Thousands of Dollars. As you can well understand, the recording process involved in producing a "Professional Radio Ready C.D." can take a significant amount of time and resources. Your contribution towards your CD Production Package is simply my way of separating the serious writers from all the wannabe's. I'm sure you understand. Please Note: I do not ask for your production contribution until after you have listened to your free MP3 or Midi file that I provide you with, and you have approved the melody/music that I have composed to your lyric. You have nothing to lose. If you do not approve the melody/music that I have composed to your lyric you are free to submit your lyric to another composer. I also provide a Work For Hire service for those of you who would prefer to own 100 percent rights to your song, (Words AND Music). This is where you simply hire me to compose the music to your lyrics. The Inevitable Cost Of Doing Business: Unfortunately my service is not free, nor can it be. I love what I do with a passion, BUT > If I was to just give away my services I would be bankrupt many times over. Studio Space, Musician and Vocalist Talent, High-Speed Internet connections, blank media, Expensive Recording Equipment and Top of the line Computer Gear (that's always being repaired or upgraded), and the list goes on and on. It's all extremely costly. However, by utilizing Songsculptor's service we believe that you will keep your cost of doing business to a minimum. And make no mistake about it. SONGWRITING is a business. And just like any other business, it takes money to make money. C.D. SONG Production Rates > For Individual Compositions on 50/50 Collaboration basis: Your Total Cost in U.S. Dollars: PER SONG: Total: $260. with Male Vocals or $330. with Female Vocals: Simple Demo Package > Total: $100. with Male Vocals or $170. with Female Vocals: On a tight budget > Our Simple Demo Package includes an MP3 Music File with Lead Vocal accompanied with Piano or Guitar, and/or Midi Tracks only. No elaborate Full Band Arrangement or Background Vocals. With the SIMPLE DEMO PACKAGE your MP3 Music File will be delivered to you by Internet Download, and also a Lyric/Chord Sheet PDF file, (NO Lead Sheet). If you are serious about pursuing your dreams of a Professional Songwriting Career we highly recommend you choose the Full Band/Vocal Package. However, if your budget does not allow for it, and you opt for the Simple Demo Package you may upgrade at any time to the Full Band/Vocal Package for the difference in rate.


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Richard’s been in the Business for over 40 years, as an Award Winning Songwriter, Producer, Musician, Music Director for "The Canadian Country Music All-Star Show" and band member for Renowned Grammy Award Winning Record Producer David Foster. Richard was awarded the ARIA "Songwriter Of The Year" Award, for the song Silhouettes and Shadows. Richard is also author of Secret Songwriter.


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