Lot & Land Clearing & Removing Trees up to 9" in diameter, Heavy Duty Brush Clearing,Mowing of tall thick grass, briars and pasture land, large acreage. Removing, heavy vines, kudzu, vines,thick hedge, privet, retention pond mowing.Additional services: grading,stump grinding, debris grinding / mulching, small tree removal.
Clearing Trees and Brush in Retention ponds up to county standards
* Large and Small Acreage, Individual or Commercial
* Overgrown Subdivision Sites
* Remove.. trees up to 9"
* Right-of-Ways
* Utility Easements
* Hiking/Riding Trails
* Hunting Access Lanes
* Elimination of Invasive Plant Species
* Mulching of Brush Piles
* Storm Clean Up
* Site Clean Up
* Survey Lines
* Forestry Thinning
* Remove thorny Privet
* Correct drainage
* Correct Erosion
* Fence Lines

Mulching clears the land of unwanted trees and brush without the destruction to the property and/or surrounding trees. All material is chipped into mulch, with stumps being cut as close to ground level as possible. With 92 horse power from the Bobcat and the incredible power of this rotary mulcher or our newest POWERFUL ECO Mulcher,we can remove trees up to 8 inches in diameter with ease from 1 to 100 acres. The smaller tracks enable us to zip around quick with low ground impact and easily get into retention ponds, maneuver around tight woods and lots to cut and remove unwanted trees.

Overgrowth of trees, weeds and other vegetation can cause improper drainage on the property that could lead to erosion. When rainwater is not properly directed and controlled, it can result in serious erosion problems. Most drainage problems caused by overgrowth of vegetation will start as a small issue, but can quickly become major concerns if not properly addressed. With the equipment of Georgia Brush Mowing we can handle mowing your slopes and retention ponds and in most cases correct problems and improve the appearance of the property.

We Mow Overgrown Lots, Reclaim you Pasture Land, Expand your property, Remove Underbrush & Thorny Vegetation, Clear Utility Easement, Cover Tall Grassy areas quickly. Brush mowing is the ideal choice when you need to clear or mow a large property that has become overgrown with tall grasses, shrubs, plants, and small trees. A bush hog is a large rotary mower that is attached to the back of a tractor and utilizes horsepower from the tractor. Bush hog mowers are much more powerful than traditional lawn mowers, and can be used to clear everything from large weeds to small trees and shrubs in a very short amount of time. Because our mowers are equipped with a thick, durable blade attached to hinges, they are resistant against rocks, large stumps, and other potential hazards. Bush hog mowing can be used over rough or smooth terrain including clearing large flat lots as well as inclines and ditches.


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