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Pittsburgh Wood Renewal

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10900 Perry Hwy,  171,  Wexford, PA 15090
Phone: (412) 559-4100

Pittsburgh Wood Renewal offers dust free, oder free wood refinishing and coloring. Whether your project includes cabinets or hardwood flooring, The Pittsburgh Wood Renewal process is affordable and hassle free.

Pittsburgh Wood Renewal was founded in 2008. With a goal to help homeowners complete hardwood refinishing projects and kitchen remodels in a quick and easy manner, the revolutionary dust-free and odor-free process was immediately put to work. Now, two years later, the technique has been perfected and mastered to deliver outstanding results every time.

Many homeowners dread the inconvenience and cost of kitchen cabinet re-coloring, hardwood restoration, and kitchen remodeling. The labor-intensive process can take a week, rendering the entire area basically unlivable. Families are often forced to rearrange their schedules and daily home procedures to accommodate the lengthy project. However, the unique wood renewal process of Pittsburgh Wood Renewal takes just 24 hours. Such a quick and easy kitchen remodel or hardwood restoration makes your life less hectic and your home return to normal within a days time.

Traditional kitchen refacing projects require sanding, refinishing, more sanding, staining or painting. While this is part of the reason it can take so much time, it also poses another inconvenient problem. Even if you're simply doing kitchen cabinet re-coloring, the dust of hardwood refinishing can be overwhelming. The sanding and restoration creates tiny particles of dust that will find their way into every corner of your home. Expensive electronic equipment can be ruined by the dust, and rooms on the opposite side of your home can still, somehow, suffer under the dusty mess. Dust triggers allergic reactions and can be difficult to control. However, the Pittsburgh Wood Renewal process uses a revolutionary technique that eliminates most sanding, which eliminates the dust issue. Their dust-free floor refinishing process allows you to breathe easy. You won't need to find covers for all of your furniture or hide your valuables at a neighbor's house. In under a day, your hardwood floors or kitchen cabinets will be refinished and ready to be used immediately.

Another dread of severe odors is another fear of kitchen remodeling, cabinet refacing and finishing, as well as hardwood restoration. Old fashioned stripping techniques require harsh chemicals in the compounds, stains, and sealers that generate fumes that can, at best, be repulsive and, at worse, damage your respiratory health. Even after the project has completed, these harmful chemical odors can remain in the air and your home for days. But, just as the Pittsburgh Wood Renewal process eliminates dust, the issue of odors also becomes obsolete. Using relatively odorless techniques, no one in your family will be gagging on chemical fumes during your kitchen remodel.

Not only is the Pittsburgh Wood Renewal system affordable and hassle-free for your home, it take the fragility of our eco-system seriously as well. Maintaining your wood flooring and cabinetry ensures that trees are not cut down unnecessarily; preserving and caring for products made from natural resources allows them not to be wasted. Plus, Pittsburgh Wood Renewal does not use any harsh chemicals. The low VOC water-based polyurethane finishing products evaporate easily at room temperatures. VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are present in paints, lacquers, and cleaning supplies. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can pollute clean air and harm human and animal airways. Because Pittsburgh Wood Renewal uses low-VOC products, pollutants are kept to a minimum and the air stays clean. While providing your home with budget-friendly, hassle free wood refinishing is the goal, keeping a global home clean and safe will never be compromised.

Because of the extensive time, labor, mess, and process of old hardwood refinishing projects, many companies charge an exorbitant price for their cabinet refacing, re-coloring, or hardwood refinishing services. But, because the Pittsburgh Wood Renewal process does not use dusty sanding procedures or harmful labor-intensive chemicals, nor days of work; their service charges remain budget friendly and affordable. Being able to charge half of businesses using an old-fashioned process, Pittsburgh Wood Renewal proves that having a hardwood floor or cabinet refinishing project does not need to break your budget.

The kitchen cabinet refacing, re-coloring, and refinishing process, as well as the hardwood floor finishing and restoration techniques of Pittsburgh Wood Renewal are dust-free, mess-free, odor-free and time efficient. Therefore a 100% satisfaction guarantee is as easy to offer as hassle-free wood renewal! If they don't complete your project exactly as promised, they will come back and make it right at no additional charge.
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