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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by SkeeterHawkBrewer at Citysearch

    by SkeeterHawkBrewer at Citysearch

    I am finally impressed with a hotel!
    by SkeeterHawkBrewer at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I have never really been interested in reviewing a hotel as I always feel that I get what I pay for. If I am spending $150 a night, I pretty much ""expect"" people to be professional, and the room to be clean, etc. Well, this is my first review of a hotel as I have been very pleased with my experience at the Hotel Indigo. Not only are the rooms clean and inviting, but the location is excellent being right across from the Fox theater and Churchill Grounds cafe. The icing on the cake is that the guy working the front desk, Mike, paid very close attention to our conversation when I checked in and went well above and beyond the ""call of duty"" to extend, as he called it, ""Southern Hospitality"". I have been thoroughly impressed and will definitely be staying here again if I am in the area.

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by ben332 at Citysearch

    by ben332 at Citysearch

    Great Hotel BUT...
    by ben332 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    It's a great hotel but if any of you are looking to save some $$ then book it at They usually have some pretty good deals on there!

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by James558 at Citysearch

    by James558 at Citysearch

    Great Hotel BUT....
    by James558 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    It's a great hotel but if any of you are looking to save some $$ then book it at They usually have some pretty good deals on there!

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by JStew at Citysearch

    by JStew at Citysearch

    Hotel with charm!
    by JStew at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I had my out of town guest stay here the weekend we got married. All loved it becasue it was quaint, charming, yet it was a not so typical hotel stay. We arranged for a happy hour for all of our guest the day before the wedding, the bar was awesome and stayed open later to accomodate all of our guest. We also had a breakfast there for all of our guest to meet the day after the wedding that turned out nice - food is basic. My only complaint was the hotel did a horrible job handing out my guest bags while charging me to hand them out. I complained and got my money back. Overall, great place to send your guest during a wedding weekend. Plenty of places to walk to and easy to get to Atlanta attractions. And did I add, you can bring your dog

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by UpscalePortland at Citysearch

    by UpscalePortland at Citysearch

    All the boutique charm without skimping on the amenities
    by UpscalePortland at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    The Hotel Indigo's guest rooms are reminiscent of a seaside beach house in a Pottery Barn catalog. With every room?s weathered furniture, blue-themed linens and walls, lime accents, hardwood floors, and full-wall print, it's more like a quirky bedroom than a hotel room. Though each of the hotel's standard queen rooms is a comfortable 300 square feet, however, the bathroom is the size of a Cheez-It. Fortunately, the bathrooms redeem themselves with Aveda Rosemary Mint bath products, upgraded showerheads, chrome fixtures, and a porcelain bowl sink. All four sides of the hotel face other buildings, though, so don't expect a fantastic room view.The lobby continues the ""beach chic"" theme with its tall, curtained archways, oversized plush beach chairs, and myriad nooks and crannies for reading. I discovered that the hotel?s cafe, the Golden Bean, is not open for lunch. (Hours are Monday-Friday 6:30am-9:30am and 6pm-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-11am and 6pm-10pm.) Drinks are available at the bar until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The next time you'd like to impress your boss, you can book meeting accommodations in the hotel for up to a dozen people.Considering that the building was erected in 1923, the Hotel Indigo has made the best of its space without changing the antique charm of the building itself. Between the prompt service, friendly employees, convenient location, pet-friendly policies, and personal style, Intercontinental's first boutique hotel chain is a hit, providing the best of what a boutique hotel can offer.

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by awalk87 at Citysearch

    by awalk87 at Citysearch

    by awalk87 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    OMG I just love to eat there! It is so calming and always has a pleasant energy and smell.... ahhhh...

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by faithfal at Citysearch

    by faithfal at Citysearch

    great stay
    by faithfal at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    overall had a wonderful stay. The atmosphere is sheek and fun. The mattresses are fluffy and comfortable. I had a wonderful time during my stay.

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by WhoNew at Citysearch

    by WhoNew at Citysearch

    Greatest Hotel Ever
    by WhoNew at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Went there late night last night and got the most unbelievable service. service was awsome and then went to the bar they had down stairs

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by luv4dance at Citysearch

    by luv4dance at Citysearch

    A nice getaway for locals, intriguing and convenient for out of towners
    by luv4dance at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I've been wanting to stay at this hotel ever since I saw it in a women's magazine a few years back in a section about some of the best priced boutique hotels in the country. So once I got to college here, I was of course even more tempted with the idea. I finally went a few weeks ago, and it was everything I imagined and more. We arrived really late in the evening after spending quite a while in Decatur (great for Saturday nights in general!) and then Churchill Grounds right across the street. The young man at the front desk was extremely nice and accomodating. We headed right to our room, but met some of the actors performing one of the Broadway shows across the street at the Fox, and had a lovely conversation with them! Once we got to our room, I was pleasantly surprised. The flowers on the wall were especially nice to wake up to, and everything was perfectly in its place. The bed was ultra comfy, and of course ESPN2 was right there in the morning when my date needed it. One of the most impressive things about this hotel was the room service- we ordered breakfast in the morning, which was quick and fresh, and oh so cheap for the quality. Check out was easy, and we easily picked up a taxi over at the Georgian Terrace right next door. Definitely an innovative little destination that I would love to go back to for a weekend...

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by truro1234 at Citysearch

    by truro1234 at Citysearch

    by truro1234 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    You will feel like you are on vacation even if you are a local. Susan Zuppardo the hotel Manager makes sure your stay is something to remember. I would highly recommend this wonderful hotel for both you or even your pet. Everyone there loves animals and people as well. Can't wait to stay their again!!

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by fr_andrei at Citysearch

    by fr_andrei at Citysearch

    nice place
    by fr_andrei at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    great services great services great services great servicesgreat servicesgreat services great servicesgreat servicesgreat servicesgreat services great servicesgreat services great services

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by angelgirliegirl at Citysearch

    by angelgirliegirl at Citysearch

    User review by angelgirliegirl
    by angelgirliegirl at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I was very excited to come to the city on business and was pleased to find out that I was booked at the Indigo because I could remember when it was being ""redone"" when in Atlanta a while back. To my amazement, the concept was very cool - very chic, however, my ENTIRE room was the size of my bathroom at home! I was cramped and felt like i was in a shoebox. I did like the ""beach"" theme and colors - but NO theme makes up for the EXTREME street noise in the middle of the night. You'd think when the hotel was redone, they'd have looked into window insulation???? Never again....especially for the price....

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by lawtraveler at Citysearch

    by lawtraveler at Citysearch

    tiny room, teeny tiny bathroom
    by lawtraveler at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I know it's a boutique, but please. The room was so small it was hard to turn around in, the bathroom almost required sitting on the toilet to wash your face.

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by kimistry1975 at Citysearch

    by kimistry1975 at Citysearch

    I really enjoyed this quaint hotel.
    by kimistry1975 at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    I stayed here for a couple of nights and really liked the fresh feeling of the hotel. Very convenient to the Fox and Nightlife. I had no problem with noise. I would stay here again!

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  • Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown - Atlanta, GA - by jsoneal at Citysearch

    by jsoneal at Citysearch

    Country people shouldn't write city hotel reviews
    by jsoneal at Citysearch (Posted to Citysearch)

    Why do people believe sound only travels along the ground? If you can hear a car horn a block away, you can certainly hear it 12 stories up. Quit whining or stay home. This is a great hotel and any hotel in Atlanta will sound just as noisy unless you have an inside room 20 stories up.

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