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CenturyLink Solution Center
1 Reviews

CenturyLink Solution Center


I am in the process of moving. The place I'm moving to already has CenturyLink. So I needed to terminate my service. I found out when I went to terminate that apparently I entered a contract without my knowledge. How can that be? A contract requires a meeting of the minds and an agreement among two...

Promotional Items, Inc.
3 Reviews

Extremely happy with the service!


I ordered Beach Mats as a gift for our guests who attended my daughter’s beach wedding ceremony. I filled the bag with sunscreen, bug spray, puzzle books etc. The guests used them and loved the pillow feature. It was fun to see them throughout the island during the week. I’ve planned to...

Affiliated Audiology Centers Inc
3 Reviews

Great service and expertise


Everyone at Affiliated Audiology Centers is always so helpful. They provide great service and expertise.

The Center For Alloplastic Facial Reconstruction
2 Reviews

Very happy


I am very happy with the prosthesis that The Center For Alloplastic Facial Reconstruction made for me last year. It is 'heavenly' to say the least and others say it is looking great.

Galmore & Galmore
1 Reviews



Thank you for the excellent job your crew did in removing six dead trees from yard. They are real professionals and I am quite impressed.
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What It Costs

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