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Ron Bailey Roofing
10 Reviews

The best



Renewed my roof.

AreaLa Mesa

Cost$5,000 - $9,999

The first time Ronald saved my roof from a huge leak. Next time I invited him to change my roof and I was 100% satisfied with the result. I always recommend him to my friends. By the way, half of the roofs in my neighborhood were renewed by him. He knows what he do.

South Coast Trial Lawyers
2 Reviews

Deep Knowledge, Experience, Compassion



I hired South Coast Trial Lawyers to help me file for divorce.

AreaSan Diego

Cost$3,000 - $4,999

Jonathan Kwan was a tremendous help in my divorce. He knows the law, courts, practicalities cold. These are complicated and emotional processes, and I was glad to have Jonathan on my side throughout. He was a major factor in ensuring a fair resolution without the costs of extended proceedings.

ABA Appliance
99 Reviews

Met my match in aba and Mike



Had Mike and aba out many times over the last 10 years, and he has fixed many products for me, at a fair price, quickly, and professionally. I would never have anyone else out to my home, I am extremely hard to deal with, but Mike gets it, and stays professional, and has earned my respect greatly! Just had him out again on a washer, that is brand new piece of garbage, bought by the old lady, who I tossed out, for spending so darn much on it! Luckily the repair was simple! Thanks Mike

AreaRancho Santa Fe

CostLess than $250

I just had Mike out to work on my new washer, 1 1/2 yrs old, that my ex-wife thought was a brilliant idea to buy because of it's color, blue, and didn't bother to look at the outrageous price tag on it, $2200! Well, thankfully she's my ex now, and I won't have to worry about wasted money anymore. ...

Dr Garage Door Repair Rancho San Diego
3 Reviews

best service !



garage door repair spring

AreaChula Vista

CostLess than $250

I called Dr. Garage Door repair to replace my spring. Tech come on time give me best price $100 repair spring and $65 labor. He also fix my remote i'm very happy customer t y to dr garage door repair Rancho San Diego .

Your Window Shoppe
1 Reviews

Great Customer Service and Prices



7 New windows for our home.


I'll keep it short but if you are considering new replacement windows then you have to give them a call. Margie and the entire team were so helpful in answering all the questions we had and at the end of the day they were still way less than the other quotes we received. We'll definitely be...
What It Costs

What It Costs

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