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Aspen Auto Clinic - Tutt
17 Reviews

Nyky’s Mercedes’s Benz



My battery kept draining and no one could figure out what was pulling it wasn't the alternate Starter Battery It was my Electic door that was off and pulling it down

AreaColorado Springs

CostLess than $250

After taking my Mercedes to so many places.. a friend told me about Auto Clinic. My first time in walking thru the door the customer service was excellent it was so good! I said wow this is a first. Everyone in the place said hello ask me had I been helped yet. Would I be needing a ride to where...

iLoveKickboxing - Colorado Springs
22 Reviews

Best gym out there



Kickboxing class to help lose weight or gain muscle

AreaColorado Springs

CostLess than $250

ILKB is not like any other gym you spend money at and never attend. They keep you accountable and actually take the time to help you achieve your goals. It's hard to find a gym let alone a trainer to care but, this entire facility works to help it's members be the better people they want to be....

Springs Dentistry
2 Reviews

Patric Ryan



They restored one fillings and replaced another one that had come out.

CostLess than $250

I just moved to the Springs and lost a filling. I asked around for a good dentist, and I was referred to Lydiatt and Duru by my neighbor. I also did some research on my own and found out they were one of the highest-rated dentists in the area. Dr. Nye and Chantelle got my fillings fixed and took...

Bizub Marlene MA
30 Reviews

Outstanding and Thorough



Dr. Bizub was hired for a court ordered parenting evaluation. She spent time with both separated parents, and the children in her office and at both residences.

AreaColorado Springs

Cost$3,000 - $4,999

Dr. Bizub demonstrated a dedicated and thoughtful process during our time together. She spent time getting to know each of us individually, and had conversations with us as a group. She was always courteous to the children and extremely kind when hearing their point of view.

TruGreen Lawn Care
1 Reviews

They are very professional


They are very professional and they explain what they have done. Truly reliable staffs and company. thanks tgreen.
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What It Costs

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