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SkinGym Dermatology
1 Reviews

Angela- current client



Dermatology exam for an itchy rash on my arms, figures and neck. Dr. took time to really determine what was wrong with me. I was told I was allergic to the sun and given a topical that cleared it up right away. I had been to two others in the area who misdiagnosed me and didn't really seem to care how uncomfortable I was. I am so glad that Skingym Dermatology opened. It is refreshing to know that there are doctors now in the area that really care! I would recommend this clinic to anyone

AreaWest Des Moines

Cost$500 - $999

I can not say enough positive things about this place. Let me just say that upon my first visit I was shocked with how warm and welcoming the clinic was. I had gone to another dermatologist in the area and the office was your typical office. SkinGym Dermatology has vibrant colors, home like...

All American Exteriors
17 Reviews

No Pressure Sales



Replaced a big window Added Shake Shingles Accents Put in a new patio door


We want to recommend All American for their services. Our project was pretty simple. We needed a large window replaced, a patio door and wanted to update the appearance of our home with shake shingle accents. We were very pleased with our options, the no pressure sales, and accommodating nature of...

All American Exteriors
17 Reviews

Roof done right



Put new roof and gutters on my house.

I was very unhappy after the last roofing company it was not done right and leaked sometimes. Now it is done the right way and I couldn't be happier my gutters work the right way also. Brian did a great job on explaining what they had to do and stuck to the contract word for word and even went...

Waddle Exteriors
40 Reviews

It was very hot when

Willard O.

It was very hot when they were at our place; I do not know how anyone could do what they did. It almost appeared as if, when they got up on the roof someone took the ladder down. They just stayed right there and worked very hard. They did excellent work!

11 Reviews

Technicians are polite, respectful, and efficient.


Stand by the guarantees and come out as many times as necessary to remedy problems. Technicians are polite, respectful, and efficient.
What It Costs

What It Costs

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