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production worker



I was denied cash with this one online loan place needed money to fix my car got a $300 bucks with this little site-the next morning 24loan.net it's pretty cool

AreaSaint Louis

I was denied cash with this one online loan place needed money to fix my car got a $300 bucks with this little site- 24loan.net it's pretty cool

Complete Appliance Protection, Inc.
14 Reviews

Best Warranty Company!



My ice maker went out on my refrigerator and they couldn't replace the part. They gave me money down on my new refrigerator and I was not expecting such great service from a warranty company. Great Company!


Cost$500 - $999

Best Company for home warranty with 0 deductible they have saved me a lot of money on repairs. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. I've only had great service and tell everyone to join and save money. I am extremely satisfied with there customer service staff always helpful and...

Wee Create, LLC
1 Reviews

Art development for kids, more than finger paints



Private art tutor

AreaKansas City

Amy's classes teach art development. As a private tutor for us, she helped our kids learn how to create their own artistic capacities, not just make crafts to bring home to us. She knows art education for children. We know her school will be a great success and an addition to cultural development...

Aptive Environmental
7 Reviews

Very happy with service!



Initial pest control treatment


CostLess than $250

We recently signed up for regular treatments with Aptive and have been impressed so far. We had Brandon M. and Sese S. come out for our initial treatments and they were knowledgeable and very friendly. We are definitely pleased with the service!

Reddi Services
9 Reviews

for james anderson by r gammon



had septic pumped out

AreaKansas City

Cost$250 - $499

james was prompt skillful professional and has a great personality....is a good representative for Reddi Services
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What It Costs

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