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Guy The Painter & Co.
2 Reviews

Just what I wanted!



Walls and ceilings painted for the master bedroom and master bathroom


Cost$500 - $999

Guy and Jennifer did an amazing job with attention to detail! I will definitely reach out for my next job! I must say all my questions we're responded to immediately, I'm a huge fan of great customer Service! Thanks again for transforming my bedroom and bathroom!

Portside Marketing, LLC
1 Reviews

Great service - beautiful websites



This was a website re-design that resulted in more conversions immediately.

Cost$3,000 - $4,999

The team at Portside Marketing has been designing websites since the late 90's. They understand the psychology around colors, placement, white space and more. That means the websites actually convert and do their job - to attract more business. The Dallas web design team is awesome! Thanks.

McGinnis Cathy L LCSW
7 Reviews




Play Therapy


CostLess than $250

I was sent to her by a friend, and i'm glad i went with my gut. This has made me realize that lots of bad reviews are wrong. This woman has been a God send for my little family of three and i can't thank my friend enough for helping me find a gem of a lady. Her advice is always right on, and...

1 Reviews

Would HIGHLY recommend!



replaced our roof after fixing our leak and sky light


Cost$25,000 - $29,999

Edifice Contractors met with us to insure all my damages were addressed and removed and replace my composition shingles. All work was done very well and on time. Helped us out so much! - Serenity Johnson

Lowe's Home Improvement
1 Reviews

Love the Employees Here!



I spoke with different employees about my project. They gave me advise on what to look for in a contractor, materials, pricing, etc.


Cost$5,000 - $9,999

Always helpful! Any project I have going on, I find an employee, ask my questions and get them answered correctly and professionally. They help me with ideas and solutions. They have an excellent return policy as well. We have been doing several renovations lately and they have helped us...
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What It Costs

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