How much does it cost to repair a flooded basement?

Find out how much it costs to repair a flooded basement.

If your basement has ever flooded, you know what a nightmare it can be to deal with. Here are a few of the costs associated with a flooded basement so you don't get ripped off in a panic. 

Typical Costs to Repair a Flooded Basement:

A basement flood could cost you an average of $3,000-$5,000 to pump out and dry properly, but this figure can easily increase depending on various factors.

Low-End Cost Estimate:

Repairing a flooded basement yourself could cost under $2,000 for equipment to pump out the water. Pumps generally run from $75-$200, plus you may need a large hose, which will run from $50-$100. You can use a garden hose, but it's not recommended. The diameter of a garden hose is just too small for such a large job. Additionally, a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air will generally cost $200-$300 for a basic consumer model, whereas professional-grade models can cost from $800 to $1200.

High-End Cost Estimate:

Hiring a professional could cost between $8,000 and $50,000 or more depending on the amount of water to be removed and the equipment/procedures used to dry out the basement properly.

What to Expect:

If you have a large basement, there may be much more water that needs to be pumped out, and there may be damage to the basement floor and walls.

 Floodwater is typically grouped into 3 categories:

  • Category 1 (clean water, such as would come from a leaky pipe)
  • Category 2 ("gray" water from washing machines and other appliances)
  • Category 3 ("black" water containing sewage or other contaminants - flood waters fall into this category). Black water is a biohazard and should be dealt with by a professional.

If you had furniture, rugs, or other items in your basement that came in contact with contaminated floodwater, these must be disposed of properly as hazardous waste.

Any Extras?

If your furnace is located in the basement and water gets into it, you may be looking at an additional cleaning charge for the heating system and repairs to the furnace itself, which could be $300 or more.

Installing a sump pump can be an effective measure to prevent future flooding, but it can be expensive for a top-of-the-line system ($3,000 or more).

Cracks in the foundation may need to be sealed. If you do this yourself, epoxy and other sealing compounds range from $7 to $12, depending on the product used. You can place absorbing material, such as sodium bentonite, between the foundation and the soil around your home, as it will swell when wet and plug the cracks. You can purchase sodium bentonite for around $10-$12 per 50-pound bag, and you will need approximately 1-2 pounds per square foot of soil.

As a solution for serious basement flooding issues, you can excavate an area around your foundation and install a waterproof barrier and drainage system, which could cost well over $5,000 for materials and labor if you hire a professional.

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