How much does it cost to build a patio?

Plan for construction costs ahead of time with our pricing guide for building a patio.
A patio can provide a central location for outdoor relaxation and recreation. There are numerous options for style, materials, and sizes when planning a patio installation.

Typical Patio Installation Costs

  • Stone, concrete, or brick patio installation: The average cost for building a patio ranges from $400 to $10,000, depending upon the size of the patio and type of material used.

  • Wood patio installation: A professional carpenter will charge approximately $25 to $35 per hour for an average-sized wooden patio.

  • Flagstone patios: The typical cost for a flagstone patio installation is $15-$25 per square foot.

Low-End Estimate for Patio Installation

For a do-it-yourself brick patio: About $1,000. DIYNetwork estimates a do-it-yourself flagstone patio project will cost $200 - $500, take a weekend to finish and rates the difficulty at Easy to Moderate.

High-End Estimate for Brick Patio Installation

For a professionally installed brick patio: About $2,500-$5,000.

What to Expect

  • Materials: Building material options for patios include brick, stone, and concrete. In addition to these components, you'll need a wide range of tools, depending on the style and materials used in your patio.

  • Timing: The time required to complete a patio installation project varies based upon the size and style of the patio. These projects will typically take several days.

  • Mess: Most patio installation projects require the displacement of soil and other landscaping elements. Since there can be a significant volume of mess, cleanup time should be included in the installation plan.

Any Extras?

  • When planning a patio installation project, it's important to take related costs into consideration. Once the patio is complete, you might want to purchase furniture, plants, canopies, grills, and other accessories.

  • If you plan to hire a professional contractor to install your patio, be sure to obtain several quotes and compare prices. Contractors should also provide proof of licensing and bonding.

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