10 Elegant Master Bedroom Upgrades

These 10 innovative upgrades will have your master bedroom passing the muster of luxury, comfort and irresistibility in no time.

After juggling kids, work, and general house maintenance, many parents don’t even make it there at the end of the day, falling asleep to the sound of the TV on the living room couch instead. 

Your master bedroom should not be a glorified closet. These 10 innovative upgrades will have your master bedroom passing the muster of luxury, comfort and irresistibility in no time.

Spruce Up Your Linens

If there are more feathers on the outside of your down comforter than inside, it’s time for a bedding upgrade. A simple solution is to replace your old, worn out linens with sleek, knife-edge whites, decorative duvets, and lush throws. Choose from a vast array of high, thread-count sheets in every imaginable design, from tacky pink flamingos to romantic Indian silks. Reupholster accent pillows in complementary fabrics and complete the display with a custom bed skirt that matches the overall aesthetic.

Repaint the Walls

The simplest way to transform your bedroom is with good, old fashioned paint. Your personal style drives the design, with and endless spectrum of color and patterns to choose from. Achieve a sleek, contemporary look with dark matte walls contrasted with light crown moldings, wood paneling, and window trims along with neutral bedding and furniture accents.

You can also appeal to your inner child with a simple ruler, painters tape, and pre-cut stencils and add patterns, vertical and horizontal stripes, or geometric mosaics to the walls. Warm earth tones or crisp, cooler hues, this is your chance to set the tone of your master bedroom.

Treat the Walls

A popular trend in modern master bedroom design is the addition of dimension-creating wall treatments. These include painted wallpaper in graphic designs and prints, burlap, grasscloth, coral cork, faux stone, brick, 3D wallpaper, wood paneling, and wainscoting. Usually these treatments are limited to one or two walls, and used to enhance rather than overwhelm a neutral palate. Leaner wardrobe mirrors are a simple and effective way to create a sense of verticality and depth.

Enhance the Windows

The first step is to make sure your windows are in good, working order. The average lifespan of windows is 15-30 years, so yours may be ready for the scrap pile. Common signs of worn windows are foggy glass, difficulty opening or closing, drafts, and dust on sills. If you choose the replacement route, the industry standard for homes in the southeastern U.S. are double-pane, Low-E, vacuum sealed argon fill fixtures.

The next step is to choose your window adornment. The most common options are blackout or sheer curtains, sliding panels, plantation shutters, upholstered cornices and drapes, and for the more whimsical style, multi-colored vertical blind slats.

Update the Furniture

Do you still keep your clothes in great aunt Agnes’s antique dresser with the old, batwing-mount brass handles? If you aren’t ready to get rid of these dated heirlooms, you can breathe new life into them with simple, DIY-friendly restoration projects. One solution is to sand and repaint these pieces in lighter, breathable stains and add new, chrome accessories. Or, you can use the wood for a new purpose, such as a fabric-upholstered backboard to hang ceramic plant pitchers from.

Reinvent the Headboard

The headboard is easily the most integral feature of a master bedroom renovation, ultimately becoming the focal point that unites the room’s entire aesthetic. Here are the most pin-worthy ideas for overhauling your dated fixture:

  • Nailhead vinyl in every color
  • Diamond-tufted upholstered in the fabric and pattern of your choice
  • Salvaged barnwood with globe string lights
  • Recycled headboard reimagined from an old object, such as a fireplace mantle, bamboo poles, old doors and slats, leather book covers, reupholstered couch cushions in various fabrics and designs, mounted pillows, and a painted pegboard tool rack
  • A floating headboard created by mounting the back of a bookcase or shelf to the bed, while leaving the front, functional side open to the middle of the room. This idea is great for wide open spaces.
  • Virtual headboard consisting of graphic wallpaper cut into a curvature or painted wall mural

You can also create the illusion of height and width by taking the headboard all the way to the ceiling, or running it the length of the wall.

Shore Up the Floor

Years of kid and pet traffic may have left your master bedroom carpet frayed and stained. Fortunately, you don’t have to forego style in the interest of soft-padded comfort thanks to a modern-day carpet industry revolution. You can choose from a wide swath of beautifully patterned, tightly-woven wool, wall-to-wall Berbers that will have your bare feet dancing with joy.

For diehard hardwooders, paint is the go-to choice for a simple upgrade.

Take the Ceiling Up a Notch

The number one innovation of modern home design has been the inclusion of the ceiling in the creative process. No longer a flat, blank surface, the ceiling is now considered the “fifth wall” for enhancing a room’s dimension, depth and drama. Here are the most popular upgrades for the master bedroom ceiling:

  • Hardwood ceilings run the gamut from faux laminates, tongue-and-groove pre-cut planks, and salvaged beams. You can also create a show-stopping effect by positioning the wood at unique angles and shapes like herringbone and fan or use rounded bamboo poles versus a flat planks.
  • Tiled ceilings take the form of colorful ceramic mosaics, rich leather slates, to the hugely popular tin tile.
  • Painted ceilings, like walls, know no limitations. Stripes, squares, faux tray, or stencils, the design is in the eye of the paint-roller holder.

Turn Up the Heat 

Topping the list of most-desired master bedroom features is the infrared fireplace. And thanks to cutting-edge innovation, these electric units inserts can be mounted to the wall or installed inside an already existing cabinet or dresser.

Create a Nook

The essence of comfort for any master bedroom comes from a special, private “nook,” to curl up in and read a book, meditate, practice yoga, or just escape from the world for a while. If your room doesn’t have a natural alcove, such as a bay window, you can easily create one with a curtain of glass disks, hanging windows, ornately decorated screens, metal sculpture dividers, or a beautiful rug hung down from a brass curtain rod.

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