12 Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Let the demolition begin! If a kitchen remodeling project is in your future, it's time to consider 12 possible kitchen updates to add to your wish list. From economical to luxurious, let's get started.

Let the demolition begin! If a kitchen remodeling project is in your future, it's time to consider 12 possible kitchen updates to add to your wish list. From economical to luxurious, let's get started.

1. Refinishing Cabinetry

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If you're in love with your current cabinetry style, design and size--keep it. Consider having the wood surface refinished. After sanding and smoothing the cabinets, choose a stain or paint color to finish the new look. Want to go from dark oak to a rustic white plantation-style kitchen? Do it!

2. New Sink 

If you're updating the kitchen, you can't forget the kitchen sink. From one, two and even three basin-style sinks, you can truly customize your countertop space to mirror your needs. For a modern kitchen, consider an apron-style sink. Or, have antique fixtures added to a new white porcelain sink.

3. Heated Tile Floor

Do you spend the majority of your day in the kitchen? Keep it cozy by having a heated tile floor installed. This keeps chilly floors away during the cool winter months in the South. During hot summers, simply turn off the heating system and enjoy the natural feel of tile under your toes.

4. Add An Island

Need more space? Consider adding an island to your kitchen. From a simple butcher-block top table to an elaborate island to house your stove or sink, this kitchen upgrade can make great use of wasted floor space. If space allows, consider adding bar stools to the island to add extra casual dining space.

5. Add a Bay Window

Feeling like doing a major kitchen remodeling project? Add texture and a new focal point by installing a bay window. This classic southern style is the perfect way to create a small bistro-size breakfast nook or add an indoor growing area for fresh herbs. Just add sheer curtains and a table for two!

6. New Lighting Fixtures

Take your kitchen from drab to dynamic with new lighting fixtures. Highlight the old world style of your home by adding antique chandeliers and sconces, or go modern with recessed lighting and sleek drop-style aluminum fixtures. Consider a lighting fixture/ceiling fan combination to keep extra cool during humid summer days.

7. New Kitchen Cupboards & Cabinets

The number one thing that gets replaced in a kitchen remodel is the cabinetry. But go beyond choosing a new finish or cabinetry pattern. Redesign your space. Consider building cabinets around the refrigerator, or placing storage cabinets on a wall that was once bare. Decorative corner shelving units also add extra storage space and a warm feel to a kitchen.

8. Mounted Storage Hooks

Want to look like a professional chef? Have a wall-mounted storage rack installed in your new kitchen. Imagine a flat panel of stainless steel with every type of sauce pan and skillet at arms-reach from the stovetop. Or have a grid-style rack hanging from the ceiling--above an island--to easily access drinking glasses.

9. A Convection Oven

If you're known for your sweet potato pie and can't imagine not baking dozens of cookies over the holidays, invest in a convection oven. These bake sweet treats more evenly than a traditional stove. If space is a premium, choose a convention oven with a standard bake setting for everyday meals. If you have the room, carve out a space just for your baking efforts: a convection oven, marble-top counter for rolling and kneading and a small range top for slow cooking syrups and candies.

10. Changing Wall Structures

Does your kitchen share a wall with the dining room? If you're taking the kitchen down to studs, this is the time to consider adding a serve-through counter or French doors, or getting rid of the wall altogether--if it's not a main support wall in your home.

11. A Walk-In Freezer or Wine Room

Older homes often have deep kitchen pantries. Why not convert this room into a walk-in cooler or freezer? Consider this idea if you run a small catering business from your home, host huge holiday gatherings or simply need more cooled storage space.

12. New Flooring

Tired of that old linoleum floor? Have stone, tile, slate or even wood floors put in the kitchen. With proper sealing and maintenance, your kitchen floor can look as great as the rest of your home. Add extra comfort by laying thick decorative foam mats by the sink and stove. Your feet and knees will thank you.

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